It’s Monday.

It’s raining. Actually, it’s pouring outside.
I had an amazing weekend. I had so much fun. Really, I did.
And I would be all smiles right about now, but…
I had to ride my bike today to my office.
I got drenched.
I write this blog post in the Rancho Mirage library (my official, unofficial office/headquarters), with wet hair, wet clothes, and a damp attitude.
It’s all good though. The rain was patient with me this weekend. It waited till Sunday evening to pour down on me. All weekend I was busy meeting up with artists/friends, attending shows, talking on the radio station, and eating a grip of tamales. Not even going to tell you guys how many tamales I consumed, that would just be embarrassing.
Anyways, the rain would annoy me on any other day… but, today I kinda feel like it’s the desert’s way of telling me that this weekend was a pivotal point for the desert’s art scene. Like, things of the past are the past, and now… now we are going to enter a new era of art… a new and exciting clean slate is in front of us. Time for us to soak it up and run with it.
maybe I’m just a desert rat getting rained on and I’m trippin’.
But I don’t think that’s the case.

Don’t catch a cold, kids. Bundle up and read up:

1. Entrance Recap. Pictures coming today, the entire recap coming tomorrow. Just because Glen from Epidemic requested it. So yeah, the show… the show was nuts. There was a long ass line to get in!! And I don’t cuss on this blog, but I feel the phrase, “long ass line”, is very necessary! I felt like I was in LA. It was great. Props to Michael from Slipping Into Darkness.

2. The CVAS makes East of LA! There is a super duper popular music blog out there called East of LA ( It’s where you can go to download all types of music… some underground hip hop, mixes, indie rock… regional (southern Cali) music too. And… I mean, you know we dig the name. Anyways, we got not one but two shout outs on the blog this past week. So dope! Come back to check it out.

3. Sounds of the Desert. This feature is back! It’s where I post music/mixes from local musicians who submit a downloadable link to their craft. We can dig it. Mustache Ride submits a Dubstep mix. Whhoommp whomp whomp… get cher dub step on.

4. Party Flyers. We are printing away all day over here. Then, later this week, we are passing them out all over town. We will provide you with a sneak peak of what the flyers look like. Also, if you work somewhere or go to school somewhere that you think is cool, then hit me up and tell me where you are! I will fly on over.

5. Streets are Talking. There is a graffiti show this Wednesday in Cathedral City. It’s called, Streets are Talking. I am interested to hear what they’re saying. You should be too. Join me this Wednesday.

6. Tour de Inns. We live in the Coachella Valley, so I KNOW there has to be some people out there that love Interior Design! Right?!?! Well, heck, I know I do. This Thursday in Palm Springs there is an open tour of the Inns in downtown Palm Springs. I have been going to this for a couple years and I think it is fun. You get to see all those really kitchy places and check out the latest and most contemporary interior design. Did I forget to mention the free wine and cheese?

7. Palm Springs Art Museum. This Sunday is a second Sunday. And that means, this Sunday is FREE at the museum!! We love it. Especially because they will be unveiling a new photography exhibit. Score.

8. Song Writers. Are you out there? I know you are. Come out of your shell and come out to an event that Ming Bob is hosting this Thursday. It’s called the “Desert Writer’s Experience.” So, go experience it.

9. Something From Nothing. More info on who is all involved in this explosion of art this week. And next week. Sorry, we’re just really passionate and excited about it.

10. Commercial Break. Punk videos, skate videos, personal videos, not so personal videos… you never know what a commercial break on the blog will give you.

11. Things 2 Do Thursday. Party time, it’s stacked. It’s alive, and all is well.

Thank you for supporting the Coachella Valley Art Scene!! We love you guys! This week is going to be a fun one. Don’t get all emo just because it’s raining out.