Okay, yeah…

…so if you don’t know about our show that the Coachella Valley Art Scene is throwing on December 19th to celebrate our one year anniversary and recent accomplishment of becoming an umbrella non-profit arts organization under the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance… then, wake up and smell the coffee!

We got a good, strong, batch over here brewing and we are so confident about our blend that we want to make sure everyone gets a taste.
This party is going to be fun. And we guarantee that. Why? Because we got it goin’ on. We like to party. And we know how much work it takes to make a good one go down.
But enough about us… all next week we’re going to be giving details of the party… I don’t wanna bore you. This weekend there are some good shows going on. From the Evaros, to comedy, to hip hop, to house parties… these are good shows no doubt.
It’s a family affair ya’ll. But then again, it always is when all your homies come through.
So, the back story to this show is that these dudes are comedians… who came up through the internet and eventually got a running show on real television. This is actually going to be really interesting. But, like, when is a Ghost Channel show not interesting? Fo realz dough.

Underground Hip Hop lives in the desert. We don’t got a Leimert Park, but we do got Space 120. Show some love and show face.

Now, I know Alf Alpha is a busy dude, but I didn’t know he had a body double! I see his name on both of these party fliers. Hmmm… we are gonna have to check with our sources to see where he will be. But anyways, the homie Provoked has his show at The Airliner in LA! The Airliner is really doing a number on LA lately…. so go support Provoked, because he’s bad ass.
I got nothin’ for ya. Go to a house party. Get ready for next Saturday.
We love you.
Thank you for supporting the Coachella Valley Art Scene. We really hope to meet you at the party next weekend. Look for all of us in the Coachella Valley Art Scene t-shirts. We take donations. We will have a donation box. Checks can be made to “The Coachella Valley Arts Alliance” and in the memo note please write, “The CVAS Blog”. Haha. No, but really. It’s official now. Tax write off ! Tax write off! See you soon… thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com