Well, the week is finally here. This Saturday will be December 19th. This is the Saturday that the Coachella Valley Art Scene has been waiting on for some time now. And not just the CVAS, actually, all of you guys have been waiting for this as well. Over the past year we have received countless letters, myspace messages, facebook messages, even twitter messages asking us…

“when are you guys gonna throw another art show?”
Well, boys and girls, the time is here. And this is going to be our first ever CVAS curated show! This party is not just about us curating a show though, it’s about us joining forces with and becoming an umbrella organization to The Coachella Valley Arts Alliance. And more over, it’s about bringing a community of artists together to celebrate everything we have to look forward to in the future of the desert.
So… come one, come all, bring a friend, bring your family…. this is a CVAS event and you know how we get down! All ages! All night! Only $5. Music. Art. Fashion. Skate Ramps. Screen Printing. Film Screenings. Your friends. Your family. Your co-workers. Your neighbors. You.
All party, all week:

1. A Something From Nothing Week. Yeah, well, since this is The Coachella Valley Art Scene, and we are having a party this week, we have taken it upon ourselves to shut the blog down this week to educate and explain to you everything that the event is going to be made of. And this is because it’s not just music, it’s an interactive art party! So, stay tuned all this week to know the low down on the par-tay.

2. The Bands. Whose playing? What do they sound like? Where are they from? What’s their story? We give you the breakdown!

3. The Artists. Who are these artists? What kind of art do they do? What will be featured at the show? Who else is showing art? How can I get in? All answered this week.

4. The Skate Ramp. Where did it come from? Who built it? What’s the size? Who can skate? Is there a Best Trick Contest? Stay tuned in for answers.

5. The Photo Booth. Whose taking what? Fashion contest? Goodies bags? Huh?!?! Yeah. Mas en un momento.

6. Video Screening. What’s going to be screened? How can I submit something (contact Steven at stevenbpreston@gmail.com).

7. Screen Printing. What’s screen printing? What’s being screened? Where can I get a CVAS shirt? How much do they cost? What will the designs look like? Can I bring a shirt of mine to get screen printed on? Answers this week.

8. The Art Swap Meet. What is an arts swap meet? What’s going to be sold? Whose going to sell? How can I get down? Answers soon.

9. Dumpster Diving. What does this mean?!?!?!?!? Am I going to get dirty? Is it going to smell? No and no. All clean, all green, baby.

10. “More TBA…”. OMG what more is gonna be there? Lots. Everything explained in the next few days…. so stay tuned!!!!

Thanks for supporting the Coachella Valley Art Scene!!! We really appreciate you tuning into our channel. We hope you can make it out to the party! If you have any questions or comments, please holler at me… thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com