I have had a lot of questions about this whole “Dumpster Diving” feature.
It’s not what you think, but it kinda is.
How can I explain?…
Well, SCRAP Gallery is a really awesome place that only works with trash/recycled/reused products from local businesses all across the Coachella Valley. During the week, SCRAP Gallery is a place where young kids from the valley can come on a field trip and use these really cool materials to make cool art. When they come, they get to learn about ways they can recycle, reduce and reuse. And after they have a lesson in greenery, they get to work with all the materials without any rules to make anything they want. It’s so cool and inspiring to see what the kids come up with!!
One of the “art studios” that the kids work in are these cleaned out dumpsters (featured in the picture below). You should see them in person, they are actually really cool to be inside of and make for great room dividers. Thinking outside the box! We love it!
But, since this is not a field trip for the young kids as much as it is for the big kids… we will be having a different twist to these art studios…. we will only be allowing people 21+ to enter in these. So… if you put two and two together you might just crack the code as to what purpose these are going to SERVE.
Bring some ca$h to tip!!