I’m definitely not going to say this is my favorite Cal Soul podcast….
only because, Steven Preston said I would.
And although that is going against what I might feel inside… I got this disease called “stubborn” that just won’t let him be right. So… I’m not saying it.
But, what I will say is that if these guys aren’t talking some kinda shit about you…
whether it be sarcastic shit, real shit, or just some down and out ruthless shit talking
then you gotta be doing something wrong.
Or doing nothing at all.
Because the guys (and two gals) over at Cal Soul are talking crap about every one of us out here in the desert.
And I’m diagnosing them with coming down with Holiday schmear, not cheer.

This is the worst podcast ever.

P.S. For all my under-18-year-old readers out there… excuse my French. I never cuss on the blog. It’s not lady, or blog, like. It’s just… it’s that Cal Soul made me do it.