I’m looking for a good way to greet you guys with this very special Things 2 Do Thursday feature (falling on Christmas Eve).

I’m trying to stay true to my Holiday cheer and etiquette.

I would use the very common “Happy Holidays” to greet you this Thursday, but in my opinion that just wouldn’t be politically correct. Because, Hanukkah already came and went, only today and tomorrow is Christmas, and then starting the 26th – January 1st is Kwanzaa. So, really…. if I say Happy Holidays now… it would really only apply to a few of you. And that’s no fun. All or nothing!

If it were up to the Coachella Valley Art Scene to run this Holiday greeting game, I would just let Bootsy Collins decide (due to his lovely snow globe featured in the photo above). I think Bootsy has the right idea… make everyday, from here on out… (“4 ever”)… the holiday of your choice.
Over here at the CVAS, we pick National Blogger’s Day as our special day. A day where everyone takes a day off work to blog. All bloggers could come together and the gift exchanges would be less wrapping paper and more E-cards, Paypal transactions, tech advice, rare links, music on their hard drives and much more. That would be amazing. So green friendly! The world needs more National Blogger’s Days.
Anyways, no matter if you have celebrated, have not yet celebrated, are celebrating or none of the above… we wish you happiness 4 ever….

I think somebody spiked my egg nog.

Blogging is 4 ever:


Chinese Food? Fools Gold? Tigers? Oh my!!!


Alright, just because there are no organized shows going on (the party organizers have family life too!!) doesn’t mean you gotta just hang in the cold and look all uncomfortable. Come on in… there is a nice cozy bar to visit old friends and a good old house party definitely going on somewhere. If all else fails… movie night with the grandfolks.
Free show with the Evaro’s at Pappy and Harriet’s? Say whhattt?!?!? Rad.
“Here’s Where We Draw the Line, Screw you 2009”. Gotta love it.

Thank you for spending another week with us over here at The Coachella Valley Art Scene. We are busy getting the Something From Nothing recap going and are actually in San Francisco on a family get-a-way! We miss home, already. You can take a rat outta the desert, but you can’t take the desert outta the rat. Email me for any questions or comments: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com