So… how was it?

How was your Christmas?
Mine was okay, considering I’m Jewish.
But who really cares about any of that? This is not a religious blog… this is an arts blog!
So… let’s get down with the low down.
This week we answer all of your prayers…
we finally release the Something From Nothing Party Recap!!!
Yes, it’s going to be large. And yes, it will be so large that we are actually building an additional website for it as I type. (or shall I say after I finish typing this….)
It’s pretty awesome if I do say so myself.
Besides, and in addition to, the Party Recap, we got a couple of really cool things going on…
we got a new year coming up!
Just like Christmas… this means a lot to some… and not so much to others. For the Coachella Valley Art Scene…. this means we got projects amongst projects amongst project to do. We are on the brink of turning this blog into a real life organization… and we’re going to make it happen in 2010. How you like them beans?
But, truth be told, our beans aren’t the only ones brewing. Artists and good-doers all over town got big plans for 2010 and they’re all sharing their plans with you… right here…. on the Coachella Valley Art Scene. How cool is that? Pretty cool if you ask me.
So, before you swing by the 99 cent store to pick up those super cheesy 2010 sunglasses, swing by the blog to read the Coachella Valley’s latest and greatest…

1. Something From Nothing Party Recap. I have received exactly 4 texts and 5 calls from my friends, all asking me… “when can I see the photos from the party? “ No special treatment, people. Pictures, videos, podcasts, and much more all this week. It’s gonna be a fun one. Party Recaps are my personal favorite to cover.

2. New Years, New Gears. So… you might have been in 2nd gear all 2009… but whatever, it’s almost over. Artists and people from all around town got some pretty gnarly plans for 2010…. some shift gears up to 3rd, and 4th… and some kick in that turbo power and rev that baby up to 5th! Buckle your seat belts and join us. Shot gun.

3. Upcomings. There are some really cool shows that are just around the Coachella Valley corner. New Years may not be jam packed with shows, but come 2010… the desert hits you with that 1 – 2 punch!

4. Online Store. Whoops! We thought we were going to have it up and running last week… but… uhhh…. we went to San Francisco for a little winter wonderland instead. I mean… come on… you can’t pass up a trip to SF! So, this week we bring you the first ever…. (drum roll, please) CVAS online merch store store. Get those ATM cards warmed up and ready to swipe!

5. Provoked To Do It. If there is one guy around town who has energy, drive and charisma… it’s Provoked. The guy really amazes me. He has all sorts of new songs, music videos, podcasts, promo materials… etc etc etc… for 2010. He is definitely keeping hip hop alive right now in the desert, and we thank him for that. You will also be inspired after we show you how hard this kid is on his hustle right now.

6. Local Designers. Smaller local businesses that are geared towards the younger market are starting to reach out to other young artists around town to help them promote their latest in marketing. Two businesses off the top of my head that would be a great example are Epidemic Skate Shop and Eye Skate Shop. Both of these places reach out to their local young artists to help design their lines. We’ll give you a little looky-lue in a few.

7. Commercial Break. Man… oh man… I got the goodness right here. Commercial breaks are so fun… there is the best stuff on youtube…. too funny.

8. Best of 2009. Warning: The CVAS is taking it upon ourselves to create a Best of 2009! Oh yes… that one blog post that you might remember…. the one that you all loved/hated. Yeah, it’s coming back. So get ready to get your vote on!!! The readers get to pick who the best artists of the desert were for 2009!!! The nominations go on for these next two weeks, then the voting takes place first week after the New Years.

9. Randoms. You never know what our psychic didn’t pick up on. A forecast is but a forecast! What can we say?..

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Yeah, New Years. We know.

Thanks for spending another week with the Coachella Valley Art Scene! We love you guys! And we have so much planned for our new year. If you would like to be a part of anything…. have ideas to feed us… have suggestions for things not to do… wanna give us free stuff… then just email us!