The 22nd Century is in full effect.
Everything that I wrote prior to this post was so … like… so 21st Century ago.
New century, new thought, new ideas, and new & improved ways to deliver them to you.
You’re gonna dig it.
So, grab a shovel, grab some gloves, and brace yourself. Because, I, the Coachella Valley Art Scene, vow to put in work, get dirty, and dig us a secret pathway to new light… to new land… to new world wide web ends.
The blog is going where no blog has gone before…
Even our Weekly Forecast psychic is in awe.
Let’s do it Coachella Valley.
Begin again in 2010:

1. Something From Nothing Party Recap. If you follow the CVAS on Twitter, Myspace or Facebook, then you probably heard that our trusty Mac computer crashed the other day. Yeah. No need to fear… we called up the homies, the Geek Squad, and they hooked it up. Back on track. So, later today we will have the whole story behind the party up. Taking forever, huh? Anticipation is the best!

2. Art Party at Ace Hotel. We have all been craving it all year. Taping our fingers. Sitting. Waiting patiently. And finally, we get rewarded. The cool kids at Ace Hotel are opening up their doors to let the local artists do a number on the place. That’s is going down, TONIGHT. Tuesday night, that is. See you there, or I don’t care.

3. Gaslamp Killa + Exile + DJ Day. Ssssaaayyyyyy wwwhhhhaaaatttt? Oh yeah. Killa lineup. If you know what’s good your heart, mind, body and soul, then on down to Space 120 this Thursday. It’s going to be a banger. And it’s nicely priced.

4. Explorations of the Desert: Sarah of the CVAS. So, the other day I went on a little exploration of the desert with Alf Alpha. I took some photos and video of things we like to do when we are out in the desert…. and you know what that is? We like to get creative. When we kick it, we go on photo shoot excursions, make bootleg commercials, listen to cool music and just enjoy the ions that the mountains give off.

5. Best of 2009. One week left to get your vote on. We have had a ton of votes come in… all really interesting answers. This year we have three categories…. Best of 2009: Music, Art, and Other. Pick your poison.

6. Donate and Congratulate. I decided that I am going to up the ante to anyone who is cool enough to donate to the CVAS. I know you all got your tax return money coming in, so I thought maybe you’d be down to donate a little cash-o-la to your neighborhood arts blog. If you donate $10 or more you will receive a super special, super cool, super rare Coachella Valley Art Scene care package. More details on exactly what that is coming later this week. And know that all donations will be going into a video series that I am working on with Steven Preston… we need video cameras, microphones, lights… etc etc etc.

7. Sunday = Funday. The Palm Springs Art Museum swings their doors wide open for their Free 2nd Sunday of the month. We are excited!!! I love going to the museum on Sundays. I bike there and just mellow out for the rest of the day. You should too. They have some great stuff going on right now.

8. Commercial Break. Man, I got the goodness on this one. Everyone has been putting out some really good Youtubes lately. Good job, guys and gals.

9. Randoms. There are some random things that might pop up on the blog tis week…. so keep an eye out.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. The party rockin just ain’t stopin.

Thanks for spending another week with us on the Coachella Valley Art Scene. We really appreciate all the love and support that we get from you guys every week. We are looking forward to producing really cool documentary work and workshops. We got a lot in store, and it’s all for you.
email me with any ideas you want to share: