The Coachella Valley Art Scene Online Store is almost ready to go.
We just got our stock of CVAS t-shirts in.
So, if you didn’t get one at the party, then make sure to buy yours online!
We aren’t sure of what the price will be just yet…. but we know for sure it will be under $15.
And when you buys a shirt from us you will get a bunch of other cool goodies to go with it…
… we are linking up with Alf Alpha for rare mixtapes (on CD or tape, you pick)…
.. and maybe some stickers… some… who knows… we will hook it up, basically
Modeling his t-shirt, that he purchased at the Something From Nothing party for $7 , our good friend Gopi Sangha (CEO of twittered…

“Best $7 I spent in ’09”
– Gopi Sangha,CEO of