The Coachella Valley Art Scene’s psychic says that for the month of January its all about going back to the future.

If that doesn’t make sense, that’s just because you can’t hang with the gypsy lingo.
So, follow my lead…
This month on the blog we are going to look to our past, to reach out and build onto our future.
Kinda like digging for dinosaur bones, vintage fur coats, gold, or diamonds. You definitely have to roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and start digging through the mounds of history that has been piling up over time. Nobody ever said finding gold was a clean job.
This week we are going to get dirty and come clean.
A blast from your past….
are you ready?
We are!!

1. Doo Wop in the Desert. The scenario: You, a loved one, The Coachella Valley Art Scene, and Ace Hotel. You in your best retro themed, semi-formal attire (preferred, but not required). Your date looking their best. A collabo party between the CVAS and Ace Hotel for a romantic Doo Wop in the Desert on February 13th. Only $10 a pop to get in and you and your date get a free complimentary cupcake. Is your mouth watering yet? More info in a bit…

2. Flashback. Sometimes we like to go back in time, go a head in time, and just be on time. Time is of the essence as we explore Coachella Valley night life through the times.

3. Best of 2009. The post you love to hate. We’re bringing it back. After over 140 votes have came in! Mighty interesting. Who won your over ’09? Who was most hated in ’09? Only time will tell…

4. Explorations of the Desert: Georgie of Epidemic. A nostalgic feel to a new crew. Georgie from Epidemic takes us on an epidemic through a life of a desert skater.

5. Ian Shive all the way Live. Speaking of photography… a really interesting photographer will be in town this week doing some book signings. I thought you guys might find it interesting what this photographer has accomplished thus far in his life. He sounds pretty awesome. More details later today.

6. Commercial Break: Back to the Future. I know…. I know… I keep saying a Commercial Break is coming, but it hasn’t shown up. That’s because all you guys are upgrading to Direct TV on me. Just kidding. The blog is beyond Direct TV. The Commercial Break this week is definitely coming…. and it’s theme is… “Back to the Future”. It’s a series of hints of good things to come. Hmmm……

7. Somebody is getting $1,000. Supervisor Beniot announces the Battle of the Bands Finalist to compete at the Riverside County Fair and National Date Festival. The punchline is … somebody walks away with $1000!!! Sweet. Winners announced right here.

8. The Palm Springs International Film Fest. Is everyone done obsessing over Avatar? Ready to move on? The Palm Springs International Film Festival isn’t stopping for anyone and is going to plow through it’s last week. Jump on the bandwagon before we ship you off.

9. The Online Store. OMG, it’s really here. We did it! We found a free source that will sell our t-shirts and party tickets! Yessssssss! Can somebody say cha-ching?

10. Social Networking. Lately I have been receiving emails asking what my Myspace, Twitter, and/or Facebook links are. Just to clarify, they are all featured on the right hand side of the blog. Regardless, this week we make a special post about what our favorite Social Networks are and how we love to use them to interact with you.

11. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Alright, let’s get real… do we have any Wu Tang fans out there or what? This Friday GZA is coming to Palm Springs!!! Do I need to say anything else? Do I? Didn’t think so.

It’s going to be a fun week. I can smell it. If you would like to tell me about your blog, your ideas, your skills, your life, your whatever… please email me!