About a month ago the Entrance Band come to town.
It was a pretty rockin show. Slipping Into Darkness and Dreamcatchers opened up.
Everyone came through. And the for the first time in J Dee’s Landing history there was a long line outside of kids trying to get in.
The show was sold out, way out, for good reason.
And for a mini Coachella Valley Art Scene party recap:

It was a sold out show. Place was packed.

I got Steven Preston on camera, and he’s not flipping me off. I win!

The ever so lovely, Kylie Knight.

Mary, Mary quite contrary.

Cory sporting the specs.

Didn’t get any photos of Dreamcatchers. (sorry guys!!) But, I did finally get my camera rolling when Slipping Into Darkness made their way to the stage. It was a solid set.

The crowd was definitely feeling it.

Good job, guys.

On my way to the bar, I ran into this guy.

He got all the chicks.

Brian Pescador!

Luisa mixing up the Coors Light endorsement with her Budwiser.

Crowd preps themselves for a little Entrance Band action…

She’s actually really attractive! Bad picture, sorry.

Entrance Band

Everyone was feeling it.

When the show ended, everyone headed outside… to the sidewalks of Palm Canyon...

Alf Alpha brought his boom box to the party. So when everyone was outside he pressed play and let the early 1990’s Hip Hop boom from the speakers.

Everyone was dancing in the streets. People were getting down. Some were getting low, real low.

It was a great night. One to go down in history.
That’s a wrap!