It’s raining.

It’s pouring!
But that doesn’t have to mean this week will be boring.
In fact, after the clouds pass over this week, we will be looking through nothing but green colored glasses. Possibly even 3D glasses (for those with the gift of the enhanced imagination, or who kept there glasses from the Avatar screening).
This week has many, many Green Friendly activities going on. Great ways in which to get involved.
Also, over here at the Coachella Valley Art Scene headquarters, we prep for our next event…. DOO WOP IN THE DESERT. It’s a “Retro Valentine’s Dance at Ace” that we would like to invite you to. A party in which the attendees are the art. Interested? Read more below.
And in other aspects of the storm… the desert has been hit hard lately with Hip Hop. The bangin’ beats! Thunder storm status. We’re gonna have to bust a recap on that.
This week is also all about weird news, old news, new news, and good news.
Which do you want first? ‘Cuz there’s no bad news.

1. Coachella Fest Lineup. So, it was released. What do you think? The Coachella Valley Art Scene is going to point out some reasons to get hype.

2. Doo Wop in the Desert. We are on a mission to bring back the art of romance for the month of February! It’s such a lost art amongst the youth. What happen to the days when that cutie asked you out on a date? Picked you up in a clean car? Had some roses? Had some wine? And you made out in the back seat after the dance? We’re bringing it back….. and it’s starting with a themed dress up party (Retro Prom). This time around, YOU ARE THE ART. How you like that?

3. The Coachella Valley Green Scene. Well, it sure will be green in these next couple of days, and the Coachella Valley Green Scene isn’t skipping a beat. This has to be one of the most progressive groups in the desert – a true source of inspiration.

4. Commercial Break: Hip Hop. Who knew that the desert was so raw. We did. Did the outsiders know that though? If not, they will now.

5. Explorations of the Desert: Jacey Huss/365. A picture a day keeps the doctor away. A shot of the desert, every day of the year. Don’t worry though, I’m not posting every single one, only my favorites.

6. Weird Science. 2012 is near. Mercury is in retrograde. Weird things are happening. Yikes.

7. Coachella Valley Farm Workers Captured on Film. There is an amazing exhibition going on this weekend the California Museum of Photography in Riverside that I highly advise you all to attend. It’s titled: Life Cycles: Reflections of Change + a New Hope for Future Generations. Google it if you are too anxious to wait for my post.

8. CVAS’s 1st ever T-Shirts. We still have ’em. When you purchase a Coachella Valley Art Scene t-shirt you get not only a super lovely t-shirt, but you get rare DJ Alf Alpha mix tapes. And much more. Much much more.

9. Surprise, surprise. All sorts of surprises. Stay on your toes, kiddos.

10. Things 2 Do Do Thursdays. Jel on Thursdays at Space 120 and many many more. Party time. Excellent.

Thanks for spending another week with us!!! We love your company. You’re so warm and cozy. Email us some ideas: