First and foremost, we want to thank everyone for supporting us! The t-shirts sales have been going really great. So great, that we are actually all sold out of Smalls, only have 2 more mediums, about 4 more larges, and 6 more XLs. We will be printing more if you would like, just send us your request. We are thinking our next line will be different shades and colors. We are also thinking that the XLs will be harder to sell, so if you want to purchase two XLs, we will give you one free! Bargain, baby, bargain.

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*featured in the top photo is Cashius Green (an upcoming MC from Moreno Valley)
**featured below are the charming couple, Grace Portillo and Tommy Guerro. Photographed by the other lovely couple, Adam Moore and Luisa Ortega

to look as cool as Grace & Tommy, click here: