If you ever wanted to know what it would be like to be a magical property for a night…. then Space 120 is the place to come and experience that.

It shall be an experience like to other. The boom, the bass, the MPC, the pounding of the fingers and against the pads, the sweat, the fans, the hands in the air, the heads bobing up and down, front to back. That my friends, that is the feeling and the life of a magical property. And you too can experience the magic tonight! Thursday, January 21st! At the fabulous, Space 120 in Palm Springs California (official address is 120 S. Palm Canyon).
If you like those beats, those bangers, those experimental rhythms…. then boogie on down tonight for a $5 (if you get there before 10pm) show.
And you know everyone and their momma is gonna be there… I’m looking at you Ghost Channel and Daikon. But everyone knows those are the kids with those interesting musical taste buds. Or maybe they are just Magical Properties in training.
Whatever is is, or whatever it isn’t… it will definitely be a good show either way.
Make sure to check out the youtubes below.