Two weeks until the Doo Wop in the Desert!

We are so excited.
And by the emails and conversations with you all, looks like you are too.
What I think is most exciting is that we get to see everyone all dressed up. Because, really, when was the last time you actually dressed up? It’s such a lost art. Especially in the desert. It’s so chill out here, so “California Cas (sort for casual)”, that we forget how to spiffy up for a night. I know I don’t do it enough, at least.
It’s 2010, and we better get with it. Time for change, even if it means we have to turn back the clocks.
Back the clocks up, up the ante, turn the glam on and rub the dirt off….

This week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene we can look forward tooooooo……

1. Doo Wop in the Desert. Updates, pictures, videos, suggestions, Q’s & A’s, etc etc etc. All this week. And remember, this Doo Wop isn’t for couples only…. it’s for anyone and everyone. We’re all just going to look great and dance the night away (and throw a couple strong ones back while we’re at it!).

2. Purchasing Tickets Info. Oh yes, just as a reminder, you can purchase your tickets early for the Doo Wop in the Desert party. Purchase your tickets through PayPal here:

3. Swimming Pools in Slab City. I’ve been on an Internet investigative hunt. And I’ve found something that I think you guys might be interested, pissed off about, desire to go to. Or all of the above.

4. Explorations in the Desert. If it has this pixelated look? A reddish tint? A white border? And some “mm” action on it…. what does that make it? The riddle is solved later this week! Dun dun dun…..

5. Commercial Break: EVOL. (pronounced: evil) You know EVOL is love backwards? Valentine’s Day is coming up. That’s our favorite day to cheese it up! It’s yours too, don’t deny it!

6. Spotlight Art Show: Deck Show. What the heck? A Deck Show. Yeah, at Epidemic Skate Shop in Cat City. Art decks designed by young artists all across the valley. WE CAN DIG IT!

7. Spotlight Show: Alf Alpha + Friends at Free Fridays at Space 120. Alf Alpha just got a weekly gig at Space 120 on Friday nights. His show is now called: “Alf Alpha and Friends”. Alf Alpha has a lot of friends and you are one of them. Come on by to listen to some good hip hop… and maybe get a dance workout by the end of the night. Yoga for party animals.

8. Bhakti Festival + the Joshua Tree Music Festival. Speaking of yoga…. there are two REALLY COOL festivals coming up, up hill, in Joshua Tree. We love Joshua Tree. And we love these festivals. They are selling Early Bird Tickets right now and we wanna hook you up. The recession isn’t blogger proof either. =/

9. Edge TV. If you don’t know about Edge TV, then now is definitely a good time. What I love about Edge TV is not only is it D.I.Y. (do it yourself) in it’s nature, but also that it is geared towards people like you and I. It’s fun, it’s informative, and it gives you cool insights as to what’s going on in the Coachella Valley. They recently covered a story on a local band, Caxton! It’s a media coverage that isn’t booooooooooring. We’ll link you up and all that later this week…

10. INTERVIEWS. We’re bringing that feature back! I’ve been so busy with throwing one party after another that I haven’t had time to interview you guys. I got a few people lined up. Some dropping either this week or next. If you would like to interview people and have it featured here on the blog…. please email me and let’s get it going:

11. Road to Wonder Valley. Before I had my iPhone I got lost in Wonder Valley once. Always fun. Always an experience. Now that we have Youtube I kinda feel like I get lost on the internet from time to time. Road to Wonder Valley gets you right back on track – HOME.

12. Randoms. Ohhhh…. you never ever know what will pop up on the internet next. I see some artists that are doing cool things that I will probably feature this week. But, you never know….

13. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Laddy daddy, who likes party? We do! Starting this Thursday DJ Day’s Short Bus Sundays are being moved to Amigo Room Thursdays. Word? Word. Friday is always punk rock mayhem at J Dee’s and Alf Alpha will have the beats bumpin at 120. Come Saturday there’s some generator parties popin up in the desert. Hope it doesn’t rain.

Alright! Looks like we got a lot of stuff going on. Got to get to work!!! Thank you guys for all your support and we look forward to “doing the twist” with you all on February 13th at Ace Hotel in Palm Springs!!! see ya!