Twitter is a great way for us to keep up to date on what you all are doing…
and, also, for a few good laughs.

Here are a few stand outs for this week:

Our ultimate, favorite, twitterer goes to artist/musician Andy Lara.


Authorities identify human skull found in Landers. It was a missing woman.


I’m working on a free EP with Destruct coming real soon! Best songs yet! Free music 2010 yeee!

DaikonEklectik I’m really digging the mass amount of reading I’ve been doing this past year. Sure it has been mostly from 2 authors… but theyre awesome.

aimlo Sa ra is growing on me.


Rocked myself to sleep in class…sure hope that didn’t look ridiculous.


About to f*ck up some delicious vegan food at Native Foods with @drenylor


This is exactly why I only told like five people…

DJDay I’ll be rocking in The Amigo Room at The Ace tonight. If you’re in the southside, come by and grab a drink (or 3)
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