Okay, so, maybe the official name of our bike ride isn’t “Tour de Joshua Tree” (not trying to get in trouble with copyright laws or whatever), but we sure will be on a mechanic machine journey through the Hi-Desert on February 21st!
We want to invite everyone to come out and bike around with us.

What exactly will be be doing? Where will be biking to?
That we do not have the answers.
We are just going to be free spirits and figure it out once we go there. You know… go with the flow, and stuff. Just trust us, we know how to have a good time!

We are going with no schedule of plans other than…
+ Be at the Epidemic Skate Shop (68802 Ramon Rd, Cathedral City) at 8:00am on the 21st.
+ Bring $7.00 to enter the Joshua Tree National Park
+ Bring a lunch
+ Bring your bike, and if you don’t have a bike, bring your best hiking shoes

If you are looking for a bike, our friend, Ramon is selling his on Craigslist.

And if anyone was wondering if there was going to be any good tunes on this trip…. have no fear, Alf Alpha is here!

This is what our last bike ride with Alf Alpha was like.
Yes, that is a boom box bungee corded to his bike. More great things like this will come on the 21st, I guarantee.