The Doo Wop in the Desert is in ONE week.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun this weekend. Quite the contrary, actually…
Before you look spiffy next Saturday, you can look like your grimy (jk) self all this weekend. If it’s not the Daedelus show tonight at Space 120, then it will probably be your Free Friday with Alf Alpha party or your Saturday Bob Marley tribute event.
Pick your poison. Get it out of your system and slide on your stinky jeans on Friday because you can’t wear them next week. Leave those bad boys at home.
But don’t leave home without plans to go to…


This is going to be a good one. Okay, I lied. It’s going to be a great one. If you like that rumble, that bass, that new sound…. then this is the get down. Come see what LA’s music scene is all about, in Palm Springs.

** NOTE: DJ Day will be spinning at Ace Hotel in the Amigo Room. We don’t have a flyer, but we do have the official word. So, take our word.


Free Friday every Friday with one of our favorite DJs in the whole wide world. You never know with Alf Alpha. It could be hip hop, it could be house, it could be top 40, it could be Latin. Depends on you. I know I will be there for shizzle.

It’s no secret that DHS is located in an energy vortex. Work with it or don’t. Be scared of it or celebrate it. Most are scared, but the ones who are not will be celebrating their energies this Friday. Energy is no fun by yourself, bring the team.

Before you go out on Saturday, make sure to stop by this yard sale. Everyone that is selling stuff at this yard sale is cool. They will be selling clothes, BIKES, skate stuff, jewelry, vinyl records…. you know, all that stuff that you have to dig for at other yard sales. Yeah, well, dig no more… they did the digging for you. See you there. Early bird gets the worm, baby.
After you hit up the yard sale, get ready to celebrate Bob Marley’s b-day at Space 120. And I would say what that probably consists of… but… ummmm…. I’m not.
Not sure if I am supposed to post this. I found it on the bulletin board on Myspace. I figured that means it’s fair game? I mean, they look like a nice crowd…. open to many different types of people, including midget strippers? Whatever you do, don’t drink and drive like the party flyer suggests.
We wouldn’t do you wrong. We know what we like and we like a good party! This one will be a Coachella Valley Art Scene party that will be bringing back the art of romance and allowing you to be the art. Dress in your best retro outfit and get ready to rumble.
buy your presale tickets online at:
or you can buy at the door. =)
See you there!!!!
Alright, well, that’s a wrap!! Let me know if you know about an event that I don’t have posted on here. And we hope to see you all nest Saturday at Ace Hotel!!! We are so excited for this one. I know you guys will love it!!! Email me with any questions: