Gary – Why hello there Dolly…
Dolly – Hi Gary…
G – Don’t you look pretty, sitting at your window seal… What are you up to on this lovely day in Palm Springs?
D – Well, I was just on my favorite blog, you know… The Coachella Valley Art Scene… anyways, they are having this Doo Wop in the Desert this Saturday…
G – Oh yeah? Yeah… ummm… I think I heard about that… at good ol’ Ace Hotel, right?
D – Yes, that is it. Well, it sure does look fun. I heard my favorite DJ, Alf Alpha, and my favorite band, Evaro, will be playing.
G – Were you planning on wearing a pretty dress?
D – Oh why yes of course, Gary. So… ummm… were you planning on going?
G – Yes, I was. And I wanted to know, Dolly, would you like to go to the Doo Wop with me? I can pick you up in my Chrome-platted hot rod around 8:00pm… Goose it up… do some cruisin’ for a bruisin’…
D – Oh Gary! I would love that! I will see you on Saturday, at 8:00pm.
G – Alright… well I’ll see ya later gator…
D – After a while crocodile…

This week on the blog:

1. DOO WOP in the DESERT. Alright, so as you can expect, a majority of this week will be dedicated to our February 13th event at Ace Hotel. We give you the breakdown of hair salons to go to, places to buy your outfit (on the cheap), special features, special videos, photos… inspiration! You will love it!

2. Fight for Your Right to… Skate. Epidemic Skate Shop is rallying up the troops to invade Cathedral City’s City Hall to voice their concern for the lack of (none) skate parks in Cathedral City. They have a 5 million dollar grant dingling and whoever wants it bad enough gets it. Let’s get it!!

3. INTERVIEW: Evaro. The live house band for the night of the Doo Wop in the Desert will be Evaro. And let me tell you, you’re going to fall in love with these guys. We did months ago, and thought we’d share the love with you on this special night. The interview will unveil the family history, the band, the story…. on Tuesday.

4. INTERVIEW: Alf Alpha. The gentleman of the night. The man who will be bringing you nothing but the best of the 1950’s, 1960’s, and 1970’s. The kid is young, 25, but the kid is mighty. He’s well versed, he’s willing, and he’s ready. We chose Alf Alpha for the Doo Wop because we love his style, and we love the way he loves his crowd. no matter who they are, they love him back. Come back on Wednesday for the official Alf Alpha interview.

5. Modernism. Palm Springs is hosting a week of all things modern. Clean, fresh, simple and to the point.

6. Art Shows a Go Go. Last week we pin pointed some Hi-Desert art shows that sounded interesting. This week we highlight some really great art shows in the Low Desert.

7. Randoms. You never know what will pop up. Keep an eye out!

8. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Okay, okay, yeah… we will be focusing on the Doo Wop, BUT, we will also be blogging about everything else going on out there as well. But, you should totally come to the Doo Wop. 😉

Alrighty folks, a big thank you once again for sharing another week with us on the blog. We thank you for your support. We hope you will be able to come out and support us and all our hard work that we are putting into this Doo Wop. We do this for the love of art and for the love of our community. We look forward to meeting you there! Email us with questions of any concern:

*poster art by Kylie Knight