Okay, Palm Springs! Okay, Coachella Valley! Are you guys ready for what The Coachella Valley Art Scene and the Ace Hotel have in store for you on Saturday night? Are you ready to have a good time?

No, like, are you really ready to have a good time?
Because, let me warn you now… it’s gonna be a FUN time.
Alright, I got James Brown playing on my iTunes and it’s kinda hard to sit still and write right now. We’re so excited on this end of the computer. Just know that it’s gonna be great and we are really looking forward to meeting you all at the Doo Wop in the Desert on Saturday!!
“I feel good… and I knew that I would….”



Thank you to everyone who made adorable Doo Wop flyers!!!
Alright, again and again, thank you for spending time with us on The Coachella Valley Art Scene blog. We really, truly are grateful for all of your support and wonderful ways. We hope to meet you in real life on Saturday at the Doo Wop in the Desert. Until then… we’re signing off… thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com