Hello there, young lady. You seem to be lost. May I be of some assistance?

Oh, where is the nearest party, you ask?
Why… I don’t mind at all.
Here, let me show you the way.
Just exit out of these here canyons and turn a right onto Palm Canyon. Yes, South Palm Canyon Drive.
Yeah, you had the Canyons part right, you just took it too literal.
Okay, so, you’re going to look for 3 main venues: J Dee’s Landing, Space 120, and Ace Hotel’s Amigo Room.
Yes, there are cold beverages and good music in each of those.
Thank me later.


Don’t feel lost this weekend. Find yourself at one of these destinations:

some dubstep, dub-ble dutch, pass the dutch, clutch
DJ Day is spinning that same music you were born from. Ace has room deals going, if you are so inclined. 😉

DJ Alf Alpha jas been packing the house every Friday night. This week, hip hop group, One Block Radious, comes to accompany him. Should be a packed show. Come early!
Another show that is expected to sell out!! And fast!! Last time there was a 20 person line waiting just to get into this show. Don’t come late. And don’t come early but “chill” in your car till the last minute. We warned you. This is gonna be a good one.
If you’re not recovering from the night before, or not prepping for the next morning, then you’ll probably be here.

Or, you’ll already be up in Joshua Tree camping… so just swing by here! And see your sisters and brother from another mother
Everyone is invited. Scroll down the blog to get all the info.

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