It’s cold out here in the desert.

And it’s cold in here. In my heart.
This past weekend we lost a venue that was near and dear to the young music and arts community of the Coachella Valley. It was a place where a scattered group of young people came together to join forces and build a strong bond that morphed into an alliance. Just when we were on the verge of something great, the carpet was pulled out from under neath us all of a sudden. We lost our balance, and we lost the spot. Nobody’s fault really, it is an owner vs. manager thing that I rather not get into.
Rest In Peace, J Dee’s Landing.
The best thing about J Dee’s was that it was a place that to most wouldn’t be attractive. Kinda like that “not-so-attractive” person who has that “amazing” personality. You’d never date them, but you form a deep bond and love for them that actually turns out to be so much more rewarding in the long run. In more literal terms, it was on the inside of this venue that really mattered. It wasn’t a one night stand kinda place, this was a good friend we lost.
Ahhh… my heart is heavy….
So with all this in mind, this week on the blog we are dedicating it to the memory, the legacy, the triumph of J Dee’s Landing’s.
And by this I mean, this will be online funeral for J Dee’s Landing. A digital documentation of a death.
We share memories, and we share some laughs, and we move on. Lots of Recaps. A week of Recaps, if you must.
With our flag’s at half mass, the blog continues on in all black all week long…

1. A Farewell to J Dee’s. It’s sad to see it go. Many memories are left behind at J Dee’s. Alex of The Ghost Channel and Steven Preston will be contributing writers this week on the blog. They will write their eulogies.

2. The Doo Wop in the Desert Recap. On a happier note…. Yes, its finally here!!! We got the photo booth pictures back from IGGy Photography and they are looking sharp!!! We love it! We are so excited to drop the hotness on you!

3. Explorations of the Desert: Tour de Joshua Tree. Another Recap in the works this week. The Tour de Joshua Tree (via Epidemic Skate Shop, The Coachella Valley Art Scene, and the Ghost Channel) was a success! I mean, how could being up in Joshua Tree with a bunch of people who you see around at shows, but now hanging out with them in a National Park, not be? Know what I mean? It was like that.

4. Matisyahu’s Secret Show at Space 120. At the same time the Tour De Joshua Tree was going down, there was a secret show at Space 120 this past Sunday. It was Matisyahu playing an acoustic set at 10:00am to a crowd of about 200 people. Since Andy Lara (my personal favorite Twitterer) is giving up Twitter for lent, he decided to channel his awesome writing skills into this Recap of his experience. We are excited to hear it From Andy’s Angle.

5. Futuristic Fantasticism. Even though we lost a great venue, rest in peace J Dee’s, we didn’t loose hope. This week on the blog I decide to move on from the past and take a peak into the future with all of you. We will be sharing some future plans of ours that all of you can look forward to.

6. Commercial Break. Memories of J Dee’s. It’s only right.

7. The CVAS T-Shirts! We just a new order of Small and Mediums! Come and get ’em while the gettin’ is hot. $10 a pop.

8. Randoms. There are all sorts of art shows, random news briefs, Twitters I find, interesting things going on in the desert right now. Just wait and see what I pull out from my sleeves this week.

9. Things 2 Do Thursday. Yes, the feature that has made it’s presence known for almost 2 years now!! Every Thursday for almost 2 years I have been doing this. Is that crazy? Or is that cool? Please, do not answer.

Well, my fellow friends and Facebook affiliates, we lost a good venue…. but we must carry on. What are we to do? Long live our punk, experimental, psychedelic, and hip hop scene. It’s truly what the people of the desert stand for. That rawness. We shall find another place. We shall. For suggestions on venues, suggestions on people to interview, suggestions on how to grieve, suggestions on suggestions…. email me: