I found some great events going on this week (via Facebook) that The Art Colony in Palm Desert is hosting. These are free workshops to help the local art community refine their skills and knowledge. Knowledge is power, especially in numbers… so be there or be a square.

The Art Colony
74210 Hwy 111
Palm Desert, CA

TUESDAY @ 6:00pm

Screenprinting is as popular as ever with youth groups, scouts, artists and crafters all making their own screen-printed signs, t-shirts, and artwork. Come learn how to screenprint from a Speedball representative and learn how to print your artwork onto new surfaces! You will learn how to make screens using three different methods: stencil, drawing fluid, and using photo emulsion. We will review printing on paper as well as on fabric, how to know which screens, mediums and inks to choose, and any other help you might need to start (or finish) your projects.

THURSDAY @ 6:00pm

Pete Cole, President of Gamblin Artists Colors Co., will hold a discussion

covering oil colors through
history and contemporary oil painting materials. The presentation is intended to help painters match materials and techniques to their artistic intent. In addition to discussing color, Pete will demonstrate and provide information on Gamblin’s line of safer, more permanent oil painting mediums. More importantly, as part of the talk and afterward, Pete can address artists’ individual questions about materials.

All attendees will receive a set of information from Gamblin as well as free samples of Gamblin oil painting materials. Gamblin believes that every painting deserves to stand the test of time and is proud to provide painters with safer, more permanent oil painting materials.