Last week we grieved the loss of one of our favorite venues, J Dee’s Landing. This week we go forward with our lives and move on to the artsy fartsy week ahead of us

We are so excited for this week as it provides us with a different art event to attend or be apart of every day of the week.
Sometimes you gotta experience a low to really appreciate a high.
And just because I love you guys (all my readers out there), I am going to give you a little hint of what is to come NEXT week! Next week the Date Farmers will be opening up their studio in Indio for their very last… Date Farmer Art Studio party with The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Alf Alpha. The Date Farmers are currently getting ready for one of their biggest shows in the their life and will be moving their studio to the Culver City area in Los Angeles. Boo hoo! But we are happy to see them succeed and reach the goal that every artist desires and deserves.. to live off of their artwork. Congratulations guys! This last party will be a tear jerker. In addition to The Last Date Farmer Art Studio Party (in Indio), there will be a Pit Stop by Palm Springs (PS X PS) Sunday event going on. This will be a pre- South by Southwest (SXSW) show. There will be a daytime Ace Hotel pool party, followed by a grand finale at Space 120 with an amazing, Sleepy Sun show. It’s going to be an amazing busy and vibrant weekend for us that weekend…. and we want you all to come!!

This week:

1. Home Grown: HipLife in Ghana. When Hip Hop merges with High Life (the traditional music of West Africa) you get HipLife. There is a FREE documentary tomorrow being screened in Coachella. We give you all the details as soon as we finish this post!!! It’s going to be a good one.

2. Classes a la The Art Colony. The Art Colony is pumping out some really cool free art classes right now and I thought I would give you guys the heads up if you didn’t know already. Never hurts to brush up on those old skills of yours… or even discover some new ones that you never knew you had.

3. Galleristas Get Ready: Saturday Art Shows. This Saturday there some super duper cool art shows going on in the desert and we want to make sure you (A) know about them, and (B) go to them. They are all free, fabulous, and full of all your artsy friends. So, don’t be Debbie the Downer and not show up.

4. The Palm Springs Art Museum is FREE this Thursday. Now, is this a coinsidence or what? My personal birthday is March 4th, and that just so happens to be the day the PSAM decides to open their doors to the public. I was born to be artsy, I tell ya. Anyways, enough about me, it’s really all about you showing up.

5. Starbucks = Art Gallery. Remember when Starbucks was this cute little corporate coffee house? And then it turned into this nasty corporate coffee house? Well, now it’s going back to it’s cute little corporate coffee house. And I am sure thankful for that. This Friday a Starbucks in Palm Springs will transform into an art gallery space for a local artist that is only 25 years old!!! You better believe we love that.

6. INTERVIEW. We might get an interview goin this week. Or, we might do it next week. But, I’m hoping for this week. Stay tuned for that.

7. Future Fantasticism. So, last week was too crazy to shove this post into the mess. I decided to save it for this week, and for good reason. We talk about all things futuristic evolving around the Coachella Valley Art Scene. How you like ’em beans?

8. Explorations of the Desert: 5000 Photography. Johnny 5000, aka 5000 Photography, has been updating his photography blog like a mad man lately. Wait till you see what he has been up to in and around town.

9. Commercial Break. What’s life without Commercials? So… like… 50 years ago!

10. Randoms. Can’t promise you the world, but I can promise you that sometimes cool things come up on the web that I feel compelled to share with you. Stay tuned in to the boob tube.

11. Things 2 Do Thursday. Party time, excellent.
Thanks for all your support. We love you dearly. Do you love me? Let me know, email me.