How is everyone doing out there?

You might be well, but I am sure your hair is not.
Bad hair day?
How did I guess.
This wind is crazy!
And this week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene, it is just as crazy with events as is the wind pounding on your window.
Be prepared to get blown away with some of the best art parties and shows one little desert can offer.
The young art community of the desert is teaming up and we’re about to make it rain! Bust out your umbrellas, your bathing suite (it is still hot, it’s the desert), your group of friends, and get ready to get down with the baddest of 760.
This week is nothing but:

1. PS X PS. PS X PS = Pit Stop by Palm Springs. What does this equation mean? Errrr… math is so hard. Especially for us artsy types. Well, let me break it down for you: I am sure you have heard of the South by Southwest Music Festival, right? Well, as all the bands, agents, artists, fans, and strays make their way down to Texas they are going to make a pit stop in Palm Springs first. This weekend we dedicate ourselves to providing a rich art and music culture that really shows those outta towners what the young ones out here are made of. From Friday night to Sunday night, the desert’s promoters and event organizers got it on lock. All this week we map out who, what, when, where and why.

2. The Last Date Farmer Art Studio Party. Yes, the Date Farmers are moving their art studio. They are moving to Los Angeles. Will they return? That we do not know. But, what we do know is that we are very very very happy for them and wish them the best in their artistic careers and endeavors out in the big city. To celebrate all their success and departure, we do it proper with The Last Date Farmer Art Studio Party. Expect to see the latest and greatest from the guys. Some munchies. Some dranks. Some art for sale. And possibly some super duper limited edition CVAS X Date Farmer tshirts. Of course, who other, but Alf Alpha will be DJing (possibly some special guests). Free, all ages. You need to come.

3. Pool Side on Sunday at Ace Hotel. So, to go with this whole… Pit Stop by Palm Springs theme, The Ghost Channel and The Coachella Valley Art Scene and Ace Hotel have teamed up to bring you a super rockin party by the pool. The party will feature the So So Glows (NY), Slang Chicken (LA), The Choke (NY), and Kid Infinity (LA). Each of these bands are on their way to SXSW! This show is free, is all ages, offering BBQ, and drinks! Party starts at 4:00pm and goes to 7:00pm. Yummy.

4. Sleepy Sun at Space 120. After you party it up over at Ace, find your way over to Space 120 just down the street. Starting at 9pm there will be another amazing show that we are really excited about. This one, my friends, is starring Sleepy Sun, The Golden Animals, Slipping into Darkness, and Dreamcatcher. If that isn’t the epitome of what the desert sounds like… then, um, I don’t know what does. This is not to be missed. Only $5, 21+.

5. Explorations of the Desert: Bike Couture. The Coachella Valley has a blooming bike scene and 5000 Photography is the man who organizes and captures it all.

6. Art Shows a Go Go. Just as the music scene is bumpin this weekend, the visual art scene doesn’t fall to short behind either. From small art openings, to free open art museums, to a free art festival… they are all being offered, all different days! First one to start the weekend off is M Moderns opening art show this Friday evening.

7. Sunday = Funday at the PSAM. The Palm Springs Art Museum is FREE this Sunday!! Make sure you get int there to check out all their new exhibitions. Probably a good idea to drop by before you go to the Ace Hotel pool party, not after.

8. The La Quinta Arts Festival. Did you know that the La Quinta Arts Festival has been voted to be one of the top 10 biggest and best art festivals in all of the nation? How awesome is that!? Come check it out this week, starting March 11th, ending March 14th.

9. Graffiti Car for Sale. Yes. You read right. There is a graffiti car for sale. I got the best email today about this car and I thought I’d share it with you all. It’s actually a community art piece. I have drawn on it and I am sure you have at some point too. And guess what, it’s only going for $500!! Rad.

10. Wildflower Eco Hike. The wild flowers are in full bloom! It’s looking lovely outside. There is an organized Wildflower Eco Hike going on this saturday and I thought you might be interested. Nothing more artsy than nature itself.

11. Commercial Break: Gram Rabbit. I’m so hype on the new Gram Rabbit album that I am dedicating the whole Commercial Break to them. Eat this carrot!

12. Randoms. Oooohhhh…. you just never know what will pop up out of the blue on the blog. Be warned.

13. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Too many parties. Too little time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of your wonderful support. I have been getting really awesome emails coming in from really amazing artists from in, around, and from the Coachella Valley. You guys continue to inspire me. Thank you! Feel free to write me at any time: