Friday, March 12th, 2010 from
7:30pm to 10:00pm at the Opening Receptions for:

“Alice in Wunderland”
(Out of the Shadows)

Zoey Stevens solo exhibition


“Modscape My World”
George Perrou solo exhibition.

“Alice in Wunderland” (Out of the Shadows)
Artist Statement

Zoey s current body of work, which is acrylic on canvas and board, features images inspired by Salvador Dali s renderings inspired by Lewis Carol s tale, Alice in Wonderland. Zoeybegan creating his own interpretation of the story in 2009. His take on the story is from Alice s perspective, as if she were a young girl living in today s society, while utilizing pop culture images as metaphors for characters in the story. Kit Pistol of Project Runway fame agreed to pose as the illustrious Alice. In the piece entitled, “Tea Time“, Zoey adds a few notorious Rappers to the mix to add a bit of madness to the piece . Like Salvador Dali sversion, Zoey did one piece for each chapter of the story, with 12 pieces in all.

Artist Statement

“Modscape My World”

GEORGE PERROU S ARTISTIC VISION stems from those elements of his childhood which are shared with many of his generation. His little-boy imagination was ignited by visions of space-race machinery, and with the new amorphous and other-worldly shapes that came with it and became popularized in the industrial design found in the everyday products in his home.

Drawn to those shapes and colors as envisioned by Calder, Miro and Kandinsky, Perrou has created his own style by imagining the mundane things he sees instead into his own colorful versions of reality. He then re-creates those visions onto the canvas because, he says, he has no choice but to do so. I find painting my landscapes to be meditative, much like raking a Zen garden,George explains, It s like traveling to me, but like stepping into another world.

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