After the pool party at Ace Hotel on Sunday late afternoon there is no other place to turn to than the Sleep Sun Show at Space 120, which just so happens to be right down the road.
And let me tell you something, this is going to be a killer show.
Not only do we have some of the best psychedelic rock and roll bands around on the bill, but there will also be some amazing LIGHT INSTALLATIONS going on.
Perry Scanlon will be debuting his latest art installation work. Jocelyn Guareca will be debuting her liquid light show.
Right? I mean… you gotta check that out. It’s that new kinda art that just gets me all excited.

*artwork by local artist, Kylie Knight

Sleepy Sun
(San Fransisco, CA)

Sleepy Sun will also be on the road to South by Southwest. Be read to let your hair down, put your face paint on, and fully express the inner you.

Golden Animals
The Desert, CA

We love the Golden Animals with all our heart. I met them a while back when they played one of their first shows in the desert out at the Date Farmers art studio. They are as sweet honey, agave honey, that it. The two of them have a sound that will blow your mind away. So keep your thinking caps screwed on tightly.

Slipping Into Darkness
(Desert Hot Springs, CA)

No stranger to the desert’s music scene, our hometown celebrities, Slipping Into Darkness, are an opening act to the two very accomplished headliners. Slipping always packs a house, and hits hard with their single Her Blue and Tijuana.

Date Farmers Party – Part IV from Steven Preston on Vimeo.


(The Desert, CA)

The psychedelic rock band from the desert, who started off as just KC, has now developed into a nice group of solid musicians. Members; Heather (Sand Like Snow), Jose (Jungles), Ryan (Jungles), and KC (Jungles) will be the opening act of the night.

Dreamcatcher – Love You Lazy from Steven Preston on Vimeo.

This will be the perfect way to end your week, and begin the next one…