It’s umm… what you call… HOT, again.

So get ready Coachella Valley, get ready.
There is nothing else to do in the desert when it get hot, other than get your party on.
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. This weekend provides plenty of things to do, from shows with benefits, to live radio mixing from one of our favorite local DJs, to bike rides. It’s all there. All you gotta do is show up.
See ya….


The party doesn’t stop! Especially when it’s DJ DAY’S BIRTHDAY!!! Shout out to my fellow Pisces!

When you see “Low End Theory” on anything, just know that satisfaction is guaranteed.
I made this flyer. And I think it says it all. Come and get your Top 40 on. You know deep down you love it. Actually, if you come early, right around 9pm-10:30, you will hear some really dope Hip Hop song selections from Alf Alpha.
My friends from Dekreped are throwing this show. Can’t beat $2.00 at the door and a $2.00 draft. $5 will get you feeling good. Nice.
The homies Flow Ethics, Exact Opposites, Lil Mickey and many more will be rocking the mic the same night. Can’t go wrong if everyone is going to be there. Come out and support the dudes.
Make sure to tune into U 92.7FM this Saturday at 9:00pm to listen to DJ Day LIVE!!! KCRW, Morning Becomes Eclectic, and Chocolate City you better watch out!!! haha. No, but really, this is dope and if you want more stuff like this then you better tune in and support what Provoked is doing for our Hip Hop community.

Saturday afternoon, what to do? Here is a little something that is entertaining, yet, beneficial (for Haiti). The perfect combo. Come see what the youngsters are up to.
It’s Justin’s farewell ride. We are hoping that’s not Justin on the bike. Anyways, if you got a bike, whatever kinda bike you may got… make sure to come out and BIKE!! Don’t let that bike sit in your garage all sad. Think of all the other people out there who wish they could have a bike, but can’t afford. Grab life by the handlebars and go for it.


Let’s say you can’t go out on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday… BUT, you can go out on Tuesday night… well then I have good news for you. This Tuesday Space 120 + The Ghost Channel serve up a heavy does of Brazilian music! Google that name. Who knows, this band just might be at Coachella Fest year. Also, make sure to catch out local loves, Dreamcatcher + Evaro + a DJ set by Nagual!!

Thank you to everyone who supports the Coachella Valley Art Scene. We really do appreciate every letter, every contribution, every “like” button on Facebook to our statuses, every high five. It’s awesome. It’s for you, because you guys are awesome and you guys deserve it. So go ahead and feel free to email me some more awesomeness: