Spring forward.
Change of mind.
Change of time.
Change of weather.
Change of clothes.
Life has a new look.
And the blog has a new sound.
What a better way to celebrate the transformation other than with a week dedicated to fashion. I got a passion for fashion. And I know you do too. For, what you are on the inside can only be expressed by how you present yourself on the outside. Every piece of article that you choose says a little something about you. You wear pieces of art every day. And it’s all in the way you wear it.
You either do your own thing, or you go with what’s in. The choice is yours. It’s one of the best exercises of freedom, one of the most everyday artistic ones at that.
This week in the Coachella Valley we celebrate our very unique, Fashion Week. And here on the Coachella Valley Art Scene, we do it our way. We may not have a runway, but we do have a blog. That’s the new age catwalk, if you didn’t already know.
So watch us as we strut our stuff…

1. A Passion for Fashion. What’s sexier than desert fashion? Personally, I love watching everyone (out of towners) trying to interpret it at Coachella Fest. Less somehow becomes more, bold becomes better, and sunglasses have sex appeal. It’s lovely and inspiring to watch, but all us desert rats know, we know what’s really up. On a day to day level. So, we show you. Well, actually, Luisa Marielli and Adam Moore show you. They lay the smack down this week. And I am really excited to show what they got in store.

2. Catwalks. There are a bunch of catwalks all around town this week. We give you the low down to the cat meows.

3. Sao Paulo + 760. What is the relation? What are the odds? Since this is an arts blog, not so much a math blog, we don’t have to answer that. All you do have to know is that this Tuesday night a band from Brazil, Garotas Suecas, is coming to town. Our local loves, Dreamcatcher and Evaro will be rocking the stage with them. Get ready to dance!

4. Black Lights… Camera… Action…. What’s life without a little drama? Dull. What’s an art scene without good theater? Incomplete. This Friday and Saturday Kyle Lanternman presents Prometheus Bound. This is a classic Greek tragedy by Aeschylus will be performed under black lights, with Luminescent sets, costumes and makeup. This is the kinda art we like to hear about!! More info coming soon.

5. Global Alchemy Forum Poets + Artists Collaborate. All going down this weekend at the Red Arrow Gallery in the High Desert. A word from the co-founder of the Global Alchemy Forum; “Our goal is to collect stories and poems from around the world so we can share our common human condition and provide inspiration to those going through difficult times,” says co-founder, Maria Elena B. Mahler. “ln order to help foster a sense of community, we have created the Global Alchemy Forum, a weekly salon in La Quinta, where poets and artists meet to share poetry and artwork. This collaborative effort is symbolic of how people can globally work together to create a greater cooperative community.” More info coming in just a bit!

6. Art Colony Art Class. Art is classy again when you do free art classes at da Art Colony. Tuesday and Thursday nights are tremendous! (I should stick to my day job as a journalist, not a poet, right?!?!)

7. Newly Installed Art. Some groovy images are being projected at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Video Art. Any takers? I’ll take me some!!! I love Video Art.

8. Wild child, Wild flower. There is no better way to celebrate Spring in the desert then acknowledging all the lovely flowers all around you. Wildflowers are running rampant. Can you keep up? We give you guides how to.

9. Steven Preston is on Tour. If you don’t know by now, Steven Preston is the Coachella Valley Art Scene’s camera guy/Aries/power house. He is awesome and traveling with a band that goes by the name, Hello Evening, for a while. They end one of their dates here in the desert. You can follow Steven’s tour here: www.helloevening.com

10. Randoms. you never know what the Internet will present itself with? Keep an eye out.

11. Commercial Break. Comedy Central. Yeah, we’re selling out and we don’t care! Just kidding. We wouldn’t do that to you. Although, our Commercial Break this week will be comedic.

12. Things 2 Do Thursday. I don’t fall back in love with life until it’s Thursday. You know what I’m saying? Or is it just me? Because life isn’t life unless you’re celebrating it with your friends over some good tunes and nice drinks! The CVAS Blog lays the low down on the artsy night scene of the 7 – 6 – oh!.

Thank you once again, boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, readers of the Coachella Valley Art Scene. Your support is amazing. We do it for you! If you have an event going on, make sure to email me directly so we can get that bad boy up. No sense in keeping it a secret anymore. Email address is: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com.