“The desert is time, exposed time, geologic time.
One needs time in the desert to see.”
– Terry Tempest Williams

There is a blog that I have been following for the past few weeks, it’s Mohave Desert Excursion’s Wildflower Watch. Call me girlie, but I sure do love finding those wildflowers amongst the desert’s dirt and cacti. It’s like a needle in a haystack… but way prettier. What’s really cool about this little blog is that it gives you cool locations as to where to find these wildflowers. For example, there’s a patch out by I10/Cottonwood entrance of the Joshua Tree National Park and another little clutter behind the hills of Thousand Palms. I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a fun time to me. Man hunt for the rare wildflower patch! Let’s go!! And don’t leave your camera at home.

All photos taken from, Mohave Desert Excursions. To find out more about tours and when wildflowers go into bloom around the desert, please visit their site. www.mohavedesertexcursions.com