New at the Palm Springs Art Museum…

Video Sculpture in the Video Projects gallery

The latest installation in the Video Projects gallery demonstrates Peter Sarkisian’s radical approach to video. The artist is known for presenting his images on the floor and across objects in the room rather than projecting them within the boundaries of a frame, whether in a monitor or on a screen. These works, which he calls video sculptures, have made him one of the most celebrated new media artists on the national scene.

Green Boiling in Pail 4 is a brightly colored object in the tradition of Pop Art. There is a cartoon-like quality to Sarkisian’s simple pail that appears to contain roiling, vibrant green paint complete with the ambient sound of its bursting bubbles. The inner light from the video projected inside the pail emits a mysterious glow that draws viewers closer as it suggests the strange and unexpected substances of science fiction. This combination of horror and delight places viewers and the video sculpture within a single space, incorporating them into an interactive mise-en-scène.

Image credit: Peter Sarkisian, Green Boiling in Pail 4, 2004, mixed media and video projection, unique in a series of 4, museum purchase with funds provided by Marilyn Pearl Loesberg & Alan Loesberg and Donna and Cargill MacMillan, Jr.

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