It was the last one. In Indio, CA. We celebrated the Date Farmers gradual clime to success as bad ass artists one last time before the big move to Los Angeles. The Date Farmers will be having their big show at Ace Gallery on Wilshire Blvd. in September and all the local kids from the Coachella Valley wish them nothing but the best. The Date Farmers were/are a true inspiration to many of the young artists in their community and will always hold a soft spot in hearts for letting us party in the Art Studio ever so often.
Here are some of my favorite photos taken of that evening. To check out all the other ones, please go to The CVAS’s Facebook page,

some of my favorite video footage from the night:

Thank You once again to everyone who not only came out to the LAST party, but to all the other ones as well. Your support to the young art community of the Coachella Valley thrives because of you.

But… ummm…. the real question after all of this is:

Who’s ready to party in LA with us??!!??

photo credits:
Sarah Scheideman of the Coachella Valley Art Scene
and group photos by Andy Lara
Video by:
Sarah Scheideman of the Coachella Valley Art Scene
Live Band:
Live DJ (who started at 9:00pm and went till about 4:00am):
All artwork and studio provided by:
Hosted By: