These next four weekends in the Coachella Valley are wild.

This weekend we welcome the Dinah Shore party.
Next weekend we welcome the White Party.
The weekend following the White Party we welcome the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.
And after Coachella, we welcome the Stagecoach Music Festival.
And on top of all that, it’s Spring Break for all the colleges across California.
It’s wild.
It’s great.
And it’s alive.
It’s what the desert is known best for – hosting the best parties. It’s what these purple mountains, friendly locals, perfect weather, and pools specialize in. And I’m not looking to sound like I’m selling real estate agent, or some guys with a Hawaiian shirt – I’m being real.
As we start lighting our last fireworks for our Winter’s weather grand finale with four weekends of intense, diverse, fun parties… the locals lace the party scene with some desert flavor.
Sometimes after a long night of partying, all you wanna do is return home:
Tacos? What! Tequila? Where? DJ Day? Fo sho. That’s how easy it is.

This show has been cancelled. And that previous sentence is the CVAS’s big April Fools joke. Not that funny, right? That’s because we “pity the April Fool!”

Tell me when to go… tell me where to go… Space 120. Where else. It’s free and E40 will be there. From the Bay to the Desert.
Psycho Soul, Voodoo R&B, ’60’s Garage Bands & Rock N’ Roll. Are you reading this? This is amazing. It’s all my personal interests in a line up. Go Howie.. go Howie… goooooo


Stronghold has been holding strong for a llloonnng time now. This week they bring some Spring Break flava to the production. Super chill vibes. So, give me a Ring-a-Ling and I’ll meet you at the thing-a-ling.

In-e-mine-e-mo / which punk show / should i go / to/ with you. I like the bottom flyer better. But you might like the top one better. So I put both. A Cat City show, not a Coachella show, so for all you West side punk rockers – come out and play.

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