Another page turned in my Moleskine Daily Planner.


Oh, life… it moves so fast.

But what really does move faster are the days that lead up to Coachella. Really though, I’m convinced of it. I think the days are shorter and the clock’s gravitational pull is much heavier come two weeks away from Coachella, one week from Coachella, and even more so the night before.
We are two weeks away, people! Our heads want to explode and our fingers want a rest, but we continue to work on. All for a three day music glory experience. One that has sure shaped my life as a kid growing up in the desert, and has probably done the same to you.
In the spirit of the festival, this week on The Coachella Valley Art Scene, we dip not only into the arts, the music, the culture of the festival, but also our personal experience as full-time residents of the city that it all goes down in.
In addition to Coachella-talk, we touch on what is going community’s art community as well. And this week, those things, happen to be….

1. Desert Garden Tour in Palm Springs. This weekend the Desert Horticultural Society of the Coachella Valley presents a desert garden tour that allows you to check out some of the best desert gardens in the City of Palm Springs. Desert landscape is one of my favorite types of designs. California’s zen gardens. Also, since April and May are the official Bike Months, they are encouraging everyone to bike from location to location in the tour! So there…

2. Sunday = Freeday. And Freedays= Happy days! before you head over to the Desert Garden Tour in Palm Springs, make sure to stop by the Palm Springs Art Museum because it’s that time of the month where they open up their doors for free entrance on Sundays! Free second Sundays. You just can’t loose in Palm Springs this Sunday.

3. Maya Kalabic is getting TRASHed @ Coachella. No, not like that! Geez! We are not blogging about people drinking or “tore-up” or whatever at Coachella – of course not. We are blogging about a local artist, Maya Kalabic, designing one of the trash cans that will be featured in the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival this year! Kalabic’s trash can will get it’s first viewing at an art gallery this weekend in Los Angeles for it’s sneak peak. Then, they transport them all down to the festival for 65,000+ people to check out. Keep an eye out this week on the blog for more info!

4. Coachella Art Installations. Hey, guys, sorry that last week I didn’t have the time to format and write this really awesome post I got going for the history of the Art Installations that have been featured at Coachella over the years. However, you have my word that this week we start the Part 1 of our latest research project.

5. Art Classes now Available. Couldn’t get into College of the Desert’s art classes? Well, lucky for you in Palm Springs will be offering affordable art classes in Palm Springs. This sounds promising. More info in just a few…

6. 5000 Photography goes 5000 Miles. 5000 Photography (aka Johnny Galvan) is not changing his photography name – no – he is changing his entire lifestyle and outlook on life. At this moment, Johnny is trying to get enough donations (all go towards AIDS research) to fund his AIDS/Lifecycle Ride. The AIDS/Lifecycle Ride is from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Let’s support the first Coachella Vallian to do it!More details soon…

7. Coachella Testimonials. What are some of your experiences? Stories? We hear some testimonials from people all across the valley! This will be a fun one!

8. Commercial Break. We retreat back to our skater daze. Check out who is doing what. Shredding this, shredding that…

9. Randoms. The powers of the Internet are such in that you never know what will come your way. Make sure to keep an out out on some surprises that I might come up on and share with you all.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. The desert’s Coachella Pre-parties start a week out in advanced. How you like that!!

Thanks for reading the Coachella Valley Art Scene. if you would like to see something on here that you don’t see listed, all you gotta do is email me: Thanks!