This weekend is Coachella Festival.

The time has come.
The winds have come.
The rain has come.
And soon the most attractive 20-30 year olds who love music and art from all over the globe will come.
Are you ready?
We are.
And if you didn’t know – know that The Coachella Valley Art Scene is embarking in an art installation in the Camping Section of the Coachella Festival.
Camping Section? Locals in the Camping Section? No, it’s not an oxymoron, it’s a brilliant idea and an absolutely amazing experience that each and everyone one of you reading this should go for next year (this year is sold out). This week we can’t take our minds off the festival, and we can’t hold back our excitement of having the awesome opportunity for doing this installation. Details to be prevailed later this week…

1. The Coachella Art Studios. What is this? Who runs it? Who is involved? Where is it? Do you buy stuff or make stuff? Is this legit? Say what? All questions answered this week.

2. The CVAS’s Coachella Timeline. We wrap up our Coachella Timeline this week! Over the years we have seen some of the BEST music acts and art installations of our time – desert kids are so spoiled, huh?!?

3. Maya Kalabic gets TRASHed @ Coachella. Whoops! last week we were supposed to feature local artist, Maya Kalabic’s, trash can that she is deigning for Global Inheritance, but we actually decided it would be best to feature it this week. Maya Kalabic’s trash can will be on the field and we want to make sure you know that a local artist designed it! If you take a photo with it and send it to us we will hook you up with a “The Coachella Valley Art Scene” t-shirt!!! More details later…

4. Coachella Testimonials. Michelle Castillo submitted some really awesome photos that she took at Coachella Fest over the years. Pictures say a thousand words… and bring back two thousand memories. If you want to submit yours, please do by Tuesday night. Email or Facebook me.

5. A College of the Desert Zine. And now… local art community news… there are some kids on the College of the Desert campus who are running and releasing their second edition of their zine this Tuesday!! Make sure to come out and get your copy while it’s still hot off the press. The kids go by FAME Connection and their pretty rad.

6. FREE Film this Thursday. If you are not partying like an animal on Thursday evening, then chill on out in a lovely theater located in the Palm Springs Art Museum. More info on what film will be screened later skater…

7. Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery shows this weekend. The Melissa Morgan Fine Art Gallery on El Paseo is going to be hosting some killer shows this weekend (starting Thursday) and I suggest you make it out there if you can!!

8. The Date Farmers destroy New York. I love using the word destroy, it just… a great word that sounds like it feels. Anyways, the Date Farmers are out in New York right now working on a a new art show out there. You gotta check out these photos that I found on the Internet, they are amazing. Their new work is really something to raise an eyebrow to.

9. Think About Your Future: Earth Day. I know it’s kinda all about this weekend in my world… but if I want to really think about my future (literally and figuratively) then you better start thinking about next weekend… Earth Day! The desert is very eco friendly and there are many Earth Day parties being celebrated in the Coachella Valley that weekend. Make sure you get the memo.

10. The Arts at Context. It’s really happening. And it’s going to be amazing. And I can’t wait to share it with you. This will also be happening next weekend… so make sure to mark your calenders… get set… goooooooooo…

11. Randoms. I might feature some more things… I might not. You just never know what the Internet will throw my way….

12. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Yeah…. can we say pool party x 10? After parties x 20? And info overload x 30? This weekend we have the most corporate sponsored parties in Coachella Valley history. And the best looking people at each of these parties in Coachella Valley history. Gotta love it. Weather, you be good me.

Thank you everyone for your support! I really appreciate the kindness and love that comes in our Inbox everyday. The love is mutual. This week we are really busy with our art installation, so sorry if we do not get back to you in a timely manner. Next week we will be able to breath again. Anything you wanna talk about? Just email me: