Sooo… ummmhmmmmyyeeaahhhh… what I am supposed to say? I mean, really guys!

Usually I got plenty on my palate, this weekend all I can think about is Coa-Chel-La.
And there is nothing wrong with that.
I think I share the same emotions as many other kids my age.
So – without further ado… I present to you some of my favorite after party events of this weekend.
Note to reader: please do know that the Coachella Valley Art Scene supports our local promoters who are throwing shows and Vice Magazine (because Vice Magazine raised me and influenced my writing style in all the wrong ways).
Alright… so here you go:

Um,… HELLO! You better be here! Party starts at 3pm and goes to about 2am. And it’s free to go to (without rsvp, even) and it’s at the BEST hotel in the desert. PLUS, (yes there is more), our favorite local DJ’s, DJ Alf Alpha and DJ Day will be spinning records. DJ Alf Alpha will be rocking the pool party during the day and DJ Day will be rocking the Amigo Room later that night. Holla. Come show these tourists how the locals get down. There is going to be plenty of sexy people there, but, you already knew that.

Then, after you hit up Ace, stop by Space 120 for some chaos! A lot of X’s make a right. $5 holla.

Oh, you know… just the top entertainment that our generation has to offer… that’s all.

Chaos under the Coachella sun. Fun.
Since some say they wanna leave early on Saturday, some say they got an after party for those certain someones to go to. Here is a certain party for that certain person.

Vice Magazine. What else would you expect from them flier wise?


just… one… last… day…
Will my legs make it all the way? Will I surpass the odds?
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