One of the best biking destinations in California is the Coachella Valley. The roads are flat. Well maintained. And wide. There is low traffic. And even if there is traffic, the people of the sun are polite and respect your space. The minimal, short desert brush allows for you to see miles and miles all around you. You got the best seat in the house on the seat of your bike. Weather is perfect. Wear shorts and a tank top because you have an opportunity to get a tan.

If you are not already getting down ‘n dirty on your bike in the desert, now is your chance. Today is Earth Day! A day to celebrate all that is green, all that enhances our lives, and all that all the while protect our future. If you don’t have a bike, here are a few places to pick one up or get advice on how to shop for one. If you already have a bike but are unsure of where to actually bike, we have listed some biking communities in the desert that are willing to help. Make sure to check out the bike tours as well!!

April & May are National Bike Months. These our our daily bike spots: