I am not the only one that is still slightly depressed over the fact that Coachella is over, am I?

Nah, I rest assured that I am not.
I look at the sky, and it looks like mother nature and the desert gods are going through the same emotions as I. The desert is cloudy, is moody, and is raining…
Coming down from the highest of highs is always a bit depressing. And a good house cleaning after you have had a ton of guests come over is necessary, I suppose. Rain, come down.
As the rare desert rain in April washes away the footprints of many young tourists that graced the desert this past weekend, it prepares us for a clean slate for a week of appreciation for all things real, pure, basic, free….. Mother Nature. Many Earth Day celebrations blossom this weekend in the Coachella Valley.
But, as you know, the desert wouldn’t be the desert unless it was extreme in some way or another…. so at the same time half the valley will be thanking Mother Nature for all the beauty we got, others will be retracing their tracks back to the Polo Fields for a concert full of the finest brews, dudes, and lawn chairs – yes, Stagecoach is in town this weekend. Gotta love it!
Cheer up my fellow Coachella fans… we can drink our memories away at Stagecoach together this weekend.
Cowboy up Coachella:

1. Coachella Recap. Yeah, we had an amazing time. Many of you probably saw that we made the front page of the Desert Sun this past Sunday for our work that we did for Goldenvoice in the campground section of the Coachella Festival… but, for all of my out-of-town blog readers who were not able to read the Desert Sun article, we will hook you up. As we gather all the photos… all the videos… all of that good stuff we will supply you with great teasers to our Coachella experience.

2. The Arts at Context’s Soft Opening. The Coachella Valley Art Scene has a really great group of mentors, friends, connections, and more importantly a group of people who care that go by the name of the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance. They are the team to watch out here in the desert. This weekend the CVAA invite everyone and their Momma to the soft opening The Arts at Context, a communal art studio workspace and epicenter located in Old Downtown Indio. Been waiting for that arts movement in the desert? Well, here it is.

3. The Palm Springs Student Short Film Fest. This weekend the Camelot Theaters in Palm Springs put on a super cool film festival that truly supports and inspires the young and talented. Come and listen to what our generation has to tell you. More info in just a bit.

4. Acts of Greenness. The Coachella Valley celebrates Earth Day the proper way. From parties to exhibitions, to community event, to bike rides, to this, to that…. we don’t fall short. Make sure to tune back in to get all the details… lots going on this weekend! Don’t be the brown thumb.

5. Space 120 the place to be this Thursday. The Growlers (Long Beach), Slipping Into Darkness (Desert Hot Springs), Nattlesnake (desert), and Dreamcatcher (Palm Desert) will rock the show and rock on the mic this Thursday. Expect a packed house. Expect all your friends to be there. Expect chaos.

6. College of the Desert Art Show. This Friday. Come an get ’em. And bring those pockets all puff up with cash galore. All benefits go towards benefiting the College of the Desert art students. Life can’t get any better than that.

7. Free Food in La Quinta. Or maybe life can get better?!? Hmmm. This Saturday the city of La Quinta is having a birthday party (La Quinta is a Taurus? Figures.) in the park and they are offering free food and drink to everyone who comes! Just thought I’d tell you. More facts on the city of La Quinta and details on the fiesta soon.

8. Randoms. This week is kinda more recovering from camping 4 days out at Coachella (yes I camped for 4 days in a tent without an air mattress). There will probably be many pop up shop things that will come up. So keep an eye out! You never wanna stay out of the loop.

9. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party never stops. This weekend is no exception to the game. Stay tuned mis amigos, stay tuned.

make sure to email me if I have missed something that is awesome going on. thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com or facebook.com/thecoachellavalley.artscene