When everyone that is in town for Coachella Fest leaves, the locals remain.

Our weeks and years continue on with warm temperatures, romantic sunsets, and windy nights.
And we continue to do our thing. We throw shows, for us – by us. And we unite as a community just as concerts goers unite as music fans at Coachella Fest.
We look forward to each other (hometown celebrities), just as fans looks forward to their favorite musicians/celebrities.
It’s all gravy.
All in a days work in the desert.
Such the life we live.
And we love it.
Another weekend in the desert to look forward to. Just as each one usually is…

*picture provided by artist, Plant Lunch. Taken on the Sun Bus.

Local favorites mixed with some Orange County favorites. $6?! Can’t beat that! Be there or be square.
DJ Day will not dissapoint (not like he ever does) this Thursday as he will be playing Guru’s hits. Rest in Peace Guru! One of the best MCs to ever grab a mic.

I personally love Howie’s DJ sets. They are just all around bad ass and there is nothing else to say about that. you either get it or you don’t.
The desert’s hip hop cats are at it again. Meow! I love how they find venues that others haven’t reached out to yet. My hip hop people! That’s how we get down.

Wake up at 9:00am. No really, wake up at 9:00 for a free film. I know I am. I know I will probably be at Koffi at 8:30 to make sure I stay awake too.
This is going to be the place to be if you like food, art, community, and mystical places. I myself can vouch for all of those. There is no reason not to go! It’s free and it’s going to be pretty awesome! Come by! I’ll see you there.
I have been seeing some of you talking about this on Facebook. Don’t think I don’t read your conversations on Facebook. I see that we got quite a few young country music fans out there. Goldenvoice doesn’t disappoint. If it’s not the music, it’s most definitely the experience. Can’t deny that.

These are the rawest party flyers out there. And these kids are the future. They are so on top of their game. They always make sure to personally email me their party fliers. Punk kid until I die. House parties live on.


Oh whatever, just go.

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