There is a beautiful full moon out. Or, perhaps, will be fully out on Wednesday. Full moons can either go two ways… it can either make everything really interesting, or really difficult. Personally, I prefer the interesting route.

I follow a really great astrologist, she writes for the Desert Sun (as well as many other outlets), Holiday Mathis. Holiday shared with us today that this Wednesday’s full moon will be in Scorpio, the planet of transformation. And it is said that when the full moon is in Scorpio you can gradually notice transformation in your own life. At this time, astrologists recommend looking at aspects of your life that you would like to see transformation in. Hmmm….

Now, whether you like to believe in astrology and studying planet positioning or not, is irrelevant. What I really enjoy most about astrology (particularly holiday Mathis’s) is the fact that it makes you stop and think about life for a second. Really, though. Take a moment and think about it:
This has been a common theme amongst many artists and friends and businesses I have been in contact with lately in the Coachella Valley. It has honestly came up in every single conversation that I have had in the last two weeks. So interesting. Cycles and common themes that seem to linger in the air and in everyone’s minds are so fascinating. Well, at least they are to this art community blogger/journalist.
This week on the Coachella Valley Art Scene we explore all that is restless, all that is associated with transformation (looking at the past to prepare for the future and looking into the future to prep for your past), and all things a tad bit mysterious.
Who wants to howl at the full moon with me tomorrow?:

1. Coachella Recaps – FINALLY. I know, I know. I hear you. I’ve been getting yelled at by my peers for not posting any Coachella Recaps. But, friends… loved ones… please do understand and hear me out that I JUST recovered (yeah, I guess I’m screaming.. “I’m getting old”). I camped for 4 days out on those camp grounds and worked by butt off everyday. It was intense. But, have no fear, an official recap is near.

2. Joshua Tree Music Festival. Putting these past two weekends behind me (yeah I went to Stagecoach…. uhhh… hmmm… no comment) that Goldenvoice so sweetly supplied, we look forward to another local festival… the Joshua Tree Music Festival. Grass roots in the High Desert. If you know people that have gone to the JTMF, they swear by it, they love it, and can’t get enough of it. Have you been? If not, we give you plenty of reasons to start considering it.

3. Bike 2 Work Week. Or is it… bike to work weak? This week is Bike to Work Week in Palm Springs and the city of Palm Springs is challenging you. With summer just around the corner, this isn’t such a bad idea.

4. Commercial Break. This week’s Commercial Break is brought to you by our skating community. So, you know it’s going to be raw and bad ass.

5. Explorations of the Desert. Special guests photographer graces his presence with some desert editorials this week. Who will it be? And what will it be about? All that and more answered later this week..

6. University of California, Riverside. This Wednesday is magical on the UCR campus. At noon my friends, Speak, Pheo and the UTB Lifestyles Family will be performing at noon at the bell tower and then later in the night the rock/punk band, No Age will be shaking things up in the Barn. Got the day off? Make it an all day thing. And two thumbs up for UCR, that’s the college I graduated from. The Inland Empire is like the Coachella Valley’s cool/edgy cousin.

7. Futurfantasticism. I’ve been getting many Facebook chat messages and real life questions from people asking me… “when’s the next party?”… “what’s next?”… so instead of just answering each of you individually, I thought I’d just put it all out there. Front print publications to a party that invites the neighbors, I got lots to talk about.

8. Donation$. Just wanted to remind all of my beautiful and talented readers out there that I do have a donation link on the right hand side of the blog. If you click the link that reads… “donate” then you will be taken to a happy place that allows you to donate however much money you’d like to The Coachella Valley Art Scene. And I know how it is…. giving money to strangers, it’s almost as scary as taking candy from strangers, so this week I tell you a little bit about the operation over here. Might get interesting. And for all those who have bigger wallets then the next guy out there, do know that the CVAS is under a local arts non-profit, the Coachella Valley Arts Alliance. So, if you would like to donate a large amount, it is tax refundable. Just saying….

9. Surprises. I got some tricks up my sleeve but I don’t wanna be too specific because I don’t wanna jinx myself. It’s a full moon this week, you gotta take necessary precautions you know…

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. The punk rock kids are at it again. What heat? It sure doesn’t bother us.

Thank you everyone who continues to support The Coachella Valley Art Scene. You are all my muses. Without a supportive community behind me I would loose faith. Thanks guys. You rock. Email me with something crazy to say, I love that: