*photo provided by Adam Moore

To stach or not to stach?…

Why even question?
One of our pride and joys, and people of passion, Juan Galvan continues on his mission to qualify for the AIDS Lifecycle Fundraiser.
We support Johnny in all that is putting his energy to this project. To see someone so young with so much passion for a cause and for good health is so inspiring!
We love it!!
So, with that being said, we invite everyone to come out and go for a mustache invested bike ride this Sunday evening!!!
Details on the Mustache Ride:
We are getting together once again for a Sunday morning ride.

Bring your mom, bring your dad, bring who ever you want just don’t forget your Mustache !

Meet at 11:00 am
Ride at 11:30 am

The Civic Center Park Stage
43900 Palm Desert CA

Bring the meanest one you got!!!

Bike Rider of the 760 – UNITE.