‘Tis almost the month of May and things are a bit astray…

Violent winds, vibrant sunsets, tornadoes above us, and warm weather creeping up all around us. We are heading to the point of no return….
summer time in the desert.
(dun dun dun….)
Summer time in the desert brings out the bizarre in all of us. Good moods gone bad. Good sleep gone missing. Good hair gone dry. Good skin gone burned.
A time of transformation that we don’t look forward to, and only look outward for. But, alas, being the desert rats that we are…. we continue to stay bundled up in our (air conditioned) holes, and will survive through yet another summer. And once it all passes, we will be fine and act like it those last 4 months never happened. And that’s quite fine with me. Quite fine with you?
As we adjust to these new circumstances, everything slows down a bit. It’s like stretching before a big race. This week, in the entertainment department, the Coachella Valley stretches before the summer season. The locals gather together, and we map out what we want for our summer months – because, really, there is nobody out here except us during this time.

Or lucky?
Because we get to see crazy cloud formations like these (picture featured above). For all those that were not in the valley this past week here is a striking photo submitted by Dean Lamanna.
Hmm?…. Good question.
Some night time activities to look forward to this weekend:
I hear this party is growing and growing and growing and growing…
Who doesn’t love semi-nude chicks, pot plant pasties, and chill music? And free entrance? Happy Bday Mikey. Hope it was a good one.

Have you heard Howie Pyro’s radio shows on the internet? They’re sooooooo good. We are lucky to have this guy come down and rock sets in the desert every Saturday. Pretty gnarly.
The punk rockers of Coachella are doing a show at CVHS??? Is it going to be crazy? Or are they going to go light? I guess there is only one way to know…
Start your day of in Palm Springs early and show up to DJ Victor Rodriguez’s Children of the Sun show at the Ace HOtel poolside. Get your tan on, get your grub on, then get your drink on before you move on to…
Ummm… well… just look at the flyer. It’s a serious desert rock lineup. If you don’t know who Waxy is… then just look around your city scape. I’ve been seeing stickers all around this city put up by Waxy for years… and I enjoy it. Three cheers to this show.
It’s not the Coachella Valley unless we got a party called “Parking Lot Pimpin” going on somewhere. One of my favorite things is a good low rider car show and that is exactly what Afiliated Clothing has in store for you. Oh, and a FREE BBQ. Sweet.

After a couple nights of heavy drinks and free BBQ from the Parking Lot Pimpin show, you need to detox. You’re gonna need to sweat that all out. And why not do it with some good friends?? Johnny 5000 would be one of them. Everyone is friendly, cool, and just wanna ride around town together. Count me in.

Epidemic Skate Shop is having a party. And they give you fair warning by letting you know the food is going to be bad. It will be prepared by white people. Gotta love it!!!!

Thank you everyone for tuning in this week! We have been very busy with building a website for the Coachella Art Studios that we did at Coachella Festival just a few weeks ago. It’s crazy how long a website takes to get off the ground! But, as soon as it’s up we’ll be flying high. Alrighty, thanks for your support – it’s much appreciated. take care everyone and make sure to email me if I missed any really great parties that are going down this weekend: thacochellavalleyartscene@gmail.com