This week we got a late start.

Wonder why?
Maybe because today is Cinco de Mayo.
Cinco de Mayo falls mid week this week and that’s going to screw up everybody’s sleep system.
Oh well, nothing you can do about it.
Just be glad that we are in California and not Arizona!
Should I have said that?
It’s an arts blog, not a political blog.
But I am sure we are all on the same page about that one.
Anyways, let’s get started with the most important news of the week since first…. the Cinco de Mayo fiestas!!!

This week find yourself at…

1. Cinco De Mayo Fiestas! This week we got a late start, so let’s jump straight to the point – party time. This isn’t a Things 2 Do Thursdays post, no, this is a straight up Cinco de Mayo party listing for the young art community. Holla. Or, shall I say… Hola.

2. DJ Quick in the Desert. How many of you out there love DJ Quick? I know I do. He is an all time classic. Lucky for us desert kiddos, DJ Quick will be performing at Space 120 on Thursday. Just thought I’d make sure you weren’t the last to know. So, pace yourself this Cinco de Mayo… you got a big day ahead of you the next day.

3. Provoked to do it. Ahhhh I love when I get a fresh breath of the desert’s hip hop music scene. Not only do we have some great hip hop shows lined up this week for us, but we also have a new album release download from one of our favorite artists out there in the desert… Provoked. If you don’t know about Provoked, you better get on it now, he is known to shake up the desert in ways than one.

4. Art Shows Alert! There are some really great independent art shows going on this week in not just the Coachella Valley, but also the High Desert. We highlight a little of both.

5. This week at the Palm Springs Art Museum. Maybe I should have included this in the “Art Shows Alert!” feature, but I decided to put what the Palm Springs Art Museum does in their own category. This week they do not just have a FREE entrance to their art gallery, they also are hosting an Art Party!!! And much more! So much to do in so little time…

6. Uses of Desert Native Plants. The art of knowing the names and uses and benefits of the plants that surround you are gone. At least, in our generation. But, alas, that can be a thing of the past! This Saturday at the Morongo Valley preserve they are hosting a really cool two hour demonstration of how you can use these desert plants to your advantage. Knowledge is power.

7. Community Facts. Recently, I went into Jensen’s in Palm Springs to get some good snacks and while I was at the register I read a little blurb that they had posted next to their register that stated a simple but very interesting fact about where money goes when you purchase an item from a corporation versus a local business. I was so inspired by this piece of information that I thought I’d start a new blog post called Community Facts. Each week I will post a fact about bettering your local community. Because… in the word “community” is another word… “unity”.

8. Commercial Break. This week we take a quick look around the desert and what has been of inspiration to the Coachella Valley Art Scene lately. Could get random, since we tend to pull from all directions.

9. Special Surprises. I love a good surprise, don’t you? Stay tuned for magic tricks.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Okay, so it’s only a day away, but I still anticipate the weekend party scene nonetheless. More to come..

Thank you everyone for tuning into another week of The Coachella Valley Art Scene. This week make sure to take your Mom out to a really special art show – she’ll love it. Big shout out to my my Mom – who supports and encourages me in my crazy blogging dreams and passions. Love you, Mom.