There are a couple really great Cinco de Drinko/Mayo fiestas going on tonight.
Here are my top 2:


Tonight! Featuring LA’s finest: DJ Zo, OPEN MIKE EAGLE (Mush/Project Blowed), INTUITION (Hellfyre club), DUMBFOUNDEAD (Swim team/Project Blowed), NOCANDO (Alpha Pup/Low End Theory), and Aceyalone. And if you don’t know who these LA hip hop all stars are… well, then, you don’t know underground hip hop do you?
Time to do your research, kids!
Margaritas for your favorite blogger are highly suggested.

And in Palm Springs’s brother city… Cathedral City… there is a Cinco de Mayo party going down that is going to get just a little crazy. It’s at someone’s house, not saying whose due to the fact that it’s a house, but they are going to have a bounce house there, some “bad Mexican food” (as it will be prepared by white people) and lots of kids with skateboards. If the dog in the photo doesn’t give it away then I don’t know what will.