As they say… build and they will come, lead and they will follow.
This morning I woke up, stretched, and took in a big breath of some fresh desert hip hop.
There is nothing better than filling my lungs up with all that newly downloadable freshness. Especially, when the air tends to get a bit stale and often times smoggy from time to time. But not in this case.
Meet Provoked.
Provoked is a hip hop artist from the Coachella Valley who is always on his grind. No really, always.
If he’s not at a community event MCing for good cause for non-profit organizations like Culturas (based out of Coachella,CA), then maybe you’ve seen him at your local high schools rallying kids up and getting them excited about the art of spoken word and freestyle. By night, you might be able to either catch Provoked hosting his very own hour long radio show on U 92.7FM or rocking a show either here in the desert or at The Airliner in Los Angeles. But, only if you’re quick enough. Because you got to have a lot of energy to keep up with this guy.
On top of all that Provoked does to inspire and provoke thought and action in his community, he also manages to link up with some of the top hip hop producers and MCs of the Coachella Valley and produce solid hip hop albums. And this isn’t… some… every 2 or 3 years kinda deal, this is an every 4-6 months kinda thing! It’s quite impressive.
The air is never stale around this guy.
Nor is it stale when you’re breathing in his heavy dose of new FREE downloadable EP.
Provoked and Destruct release their Free.99 EP. About 5 songs, each of them fresher than the next.

Don’t sleep on the link:


Provoked by day…

Provoked by night…

Make sure to link up with the two artists at: