I’m looking at my tank tops hanging in my closet.
And they’re looking back at me.
I’m looking at my long sleeve shirts.
And they are looking away.
This only means one thing.
I’m breaking up with Spring, and getting back with Summer.
In fact, I’ll make it official, today is the last day that you will see me and Spring together. It’s one of our final days in 80 degree temperatures. My long sleeve shirt just doesn’t want to get all rolled up on my arms anymore. My jeans just want to be cut at the knees. And my toes are dying to be freed from these Chucks I wear day in and day out.
Summer, I’m looking at you.
Tomorrow it’s going to be 90 degrees. And from every day here on out it’s going to grow. And for every notch you go up, a smaller piece of clothing and lighter color goes on.
This week we look to our past relationships before we plunge into this new one. That’s what they say is most healthiest to do, right?
Looking back before go forward….

1. Recaps of the Happs. A lot of happenings went down these past couple weeks in the desert, and we got them all caught on candid camera. Just kidding, no candid cameras. But we do have videos and youtubes to show you what you’ve been missing – or remind you of what you’ve been enjoying.

2. Tuesday Night Happenings. Today is Tuesday. There are two events going down tonight. Either see Sleepy Eyes of Death at Ace Hotel, or attend a Creative Writing showcase + show at College of the Desert’s Mark Center for Arts. I will make sure to give you a good description of both so you can pick what’s most compatible with your Tuesday night havoc.

3. Guest Writer Series: Yes He Says. Our friends from Holland have strong opinions on their trip to America (more specifically Indio, Sky Valley, and the Coachella Valley at whole). I find this guest writer series quite intriguing! And it’s not just in what Jens writes, it’s in the creative writing style that he presents it. A good read for anyone.

4. Film Noir 2010 Festival. This week the Palm Spring’s Camelot Theater is presenting their annual, Film Noir film festival. And we are quite excited by it. Film Noir has to be one of my favorite film genres. So excited to share this with you… so stay tuned, or stay in the dark.

5. FREE Summer Films Start Back Up. Speaking of films, the Palm Springs Art Museum is bringing back their Free Summer Films! Yes! These films aren’t like… any old.. schmorgish borgish films… these are grade A foreign films. Can’t afford to hop on a plane and travel across seas? Just hop in your car (or on the Sun Bus) and travel to a dark room that will take to anywhere you want to go. All you gotta do is show up on time.

6. Mixtape Madness. Last week Provoked hooked us up with his newly released mix tape and this week Jay Curry is debuting his. Nice. The young hip hop scene is back on the rise and we got the link to get you there.

7. Community Fact. How can you expand, if you don’t know what exactly to feed your roots to keep them healthy? You gotta know about how to better the experience of life, no matter where you are. Community Facts is a new feature to give you some material to take in pride in your community and learn how to keep it blooming.

8. Sk8r H8rz. Don’t hate the skater, hate the game. The local skate boys do it again. Photos, links, youtubes, chaos and scabs coming soon…

9. Randoms. You never know what might turn up. Keep an eye out for Commercial Breaks, mix tapes, and pictures takes.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. Party starts on Tuesday this week. Will we survive until Sunday? That, I d not have an answer to. Go hard on a Tuesday or go home!

Anything you want to make sure I know about? It’s as easy as an email: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com