Mid May and what can we say?

It’s a bit cloudy outside.
It’s not scorching hot.
It’s actually…. n i c e.
Can this be?
Are we really where we say we are?
Is this really happening?
This next week we present to you events and topics that suggest the Summer months are coming.
Well, we think they are… at least.
At any rate, we’ll take this good weather for what it is and run with it.
Until it gets too hot and we need a water break.

Dashing to the finish line with these topics in hand…

1. Things in the Past that Reflect the Future. Some events that happened not too long ago in the past will have a definite influence in what will happen in the near future. Sounding mystical? Mysterious? Good. Not all things should make perfect sense…. kinda like our weather patterns.

2. Things in the Future that will Reflect the Past. There are a few events coming up that we are really excited about. One being that on May 29th DJ Alf Alpha + the Ace Hotel + The Coachella Valley Art Scene will all be teaming up for a night in the Amigo Room!! Alf Alpha will be playing some really interesting music… from all over the world… and we will be there to meet and greet you all. If you have any ideas, CDs that you want me to listen to, projects, art works, just wanna see who I am… that will be your chance. I figure that’s the best time to talk with you guys, right before the summer months and right before our 2 Year Anniversary Party!!! Yay!

3. Beefy Blogs. I try to eat as healthy as I can, but sometimes I get uncontrollable cravings to sink my teeth into a nice juicy… beefy… blog. I that’s just human nature. See – I’m not just a computer, I’m really a human, I swear! Anyways, this week I share with you some of my favorite blogs from the Coachella Valley right now.

4. Provoked make URB.com. Remember last week when I told all you guys about one of my favorite desert Hip Hop artists, Provoked? Well, Provoked recently made it on URB’s main page of their website and we’d like to share it with the rest of you. High five.

5. JTMF through Eduardo Valadez’s eyez. One of our favorite local artists, Eduardo Valadez, took a journey up to the Joshua Tree Music Festival this past weekend and has an experience to share with you all. In addition to Valadez’s discoveries, installation artist, Cristopher Chicocki , has provided us with really cool video footage of his installation. Stay tuned in….

6. A Free Trip out of Town! Well, that all depends how you look at it. I consider going to a foreign film screening kinda like taking a quick 2 hour trip to a land unknown. Pack your bags this Wednesday to time travel back to the 1960’s and this Thursday for a trip to the Pacific Northwest. More information on how to be apart of the journey in just a bit.

7. Commercial Break. We have been digging and digging on the Internet for good stuff and it has finally came to us. We are looking forward to sharing our discoveries with you.

8. Community Fact #2. Last week we shared a community fact that is you spend $100 in a Mom and Pop store about $78 of those dollars stay in your community. If you spend that same $100 in a corporation, about $62 of those dollars go straight to the corporation and never see the light of day in your town. This week we have another fact that is important. Know your community to better your community. We’re on a mission.

9. Randoms. We love surprising you guys with weird stuff, cool stuff, new stuff. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open for the weirdness, the coolness, and the newness.

10. Things 2 Do Thursdays. The desert is gearing up and teaming up to take on the heat ahead of us. Parties going off left and right. And by “left and right” I mean from Palm Springs to Coachella. All over the place. Don’t be the only one not in the loop.

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us! You also, without knowing, continue to inspire us at the same time. Also, big shout out to those who have been emailing us their events – we appreciate it! And if you are interested in writing for the website, doing interviews, submitting art, just email us! It’s THAT easy. It’s an arts blog, no rules, remember? Email addy is: thecoachellavalleyartscene@gmail.com