A Coachella Valley Art Scene Desert Discovery:
Cactus Mart
On Mother’s Day weekend DJ Alf Alpha, my brother, and I all piled in my 1983 Mercedes Diesel (that runs on veggie oil) and made a trip up to Morongo Valley for some Mothers Day shopping (okay, we’ll admit, it ended up turning into personal shopping too… but, doesn’t that happen to everyone though?).
Now, some of you readers out there might be a tad bit confused as to why we would head up to Morongo Valley of all places to go shopping…. well, I’ll tell ya folks, there is a special little jem up there called the Cactus Mart. And if you haven’t been, well now we will give you a reason to go.
The Cactus Mart is well known to many horticulturists and cacti enthusiasts alike. It’s an adorable space nestled inbetween the mountains that divide Desert Hot Springs and Yucca Valley. Charm, character, charisma, and good customer service are what brings me back here and keeps me bragging (and now blogging) about it to all my friends.
But you know how the story goes… intelligent minds (and tastemakers) often think alike…
just when I thought I was the only one who knew about this great little place, boy, I was mistaken!
Who else did we run into at the Cactus Mart in Morongo Valley other than HUEL HOWSER!

Yes, the Huel Howser. Being that Howser is a celebrity tastemaker for all that is cool in California, it wasn’t that surprising to see him there. However, being that it was my first “celeb siting” in Morongo Valley, I was slightly stunned.
Anyways, we had such a great time talking with Huel about how much we equally love the the Cactus Mart (and the Hardware Store that is in a greenhouse) that I thought it’d only be fair if I shared the special experience (or a sneak peek of it) with you all.
Please don’t mind our iPhone quality photos. It’s not the quality, it’s the subject matter – right? Hmmmm… I promise you better photos next time.
( I love maps. Here is a great one of where the Cactus Mart is exactly.)

(look for this sign along HWY 62 when passing through Morongo. Right side of the freeway.)

(D.I.Y. takes on a whole new meaning, and abbreviation)

(in case you’re traveling by wagon up to the high desert…)

(check out all the different types of cacti. the shapes/sizes/possibilities are endless…..)

(we hung out in the green room for a while. all the succulents are so beautiful and so inspiring)

(i don’t know about you, but i find beauty and inspiration in plants…)

(see the hand made pond? umm… lovely, just lovely. coy fish all around. good fortune can be found)

(my brother thought these looked like cupcakes! see inspiration is everywhere…)

To check this desert charm out for yourself, make sure to visit:
Cactus Mart
49889 29 Palms Highway

Morongo Valley, CA 92256-9470
(760) 363-6076

and all you Yelpers out there… get ta’ yelping!