When it comes to blogs, everyone has their own way they like ’em served. Some like them well-done… a.k.a. straight forward to the point, perfect grammar, very direct, etc. Others like them rare.. a.k.a. a post here, a post there, just a photo here, no text, barely any content. Me? I like mine medium rare… a.k.a. lots of personality, photos, text, and video. It’s not just fulfilling, it’s juicy. Chop lickin’ good!
I recently came across my new favorite blog in town, The Gooch Drool. Just so you know, I have no idea why it is named that, however, I do like it. Anyways, what I like most about The Gooch Drool is that is has so much flavor. It’s a great “Coachella Valley-skater-lifestyle” blog. And the best thing about a Coachella Valley lifestyle is that it’s chill, the quality of life is great. And that is exactly what The Gooch Drool is as well.
Like a picnic in the park, a beefy burger at sundown, it’s all good. Without trying to hard, or giving too little… The Gooch Drool serves up a beefy blog that is perfect for some good ol’ summertime stalking (did I say that? whoops)

The Gooch goes STREET FIGHTER from Reynaldo Romero on Vimeo.

The Gooch Drool is written, photograph, and filmed by Rey Romero!

Check his work out, it’s fun.

Beefy Blog Pick of the Month: