Dear Joshua Tree Music Festival,
This letter is to the desert that hosted the dreams, hallucinations, and conversations of peace, connectivity and love on Sunday May 16, 2010. This was the last day of the Joshua Tree Music Festival. I don’t really remember the trip up there most of my time was spent trying to catch up on sleep I had missed out the night before. There’s a lot of missed sleep when your friends are a mash up of musician’s artist and poets. And when you are an insomniac. David drove my car up there which was fine with me since I hate to drive and the last time I drove on three hours of sleep my car rolled into whitewater river. We arrived fairly early to the festival it must have been around one or so, being that the sun was directly above us. The Evaros Band was playing. Naturally we felt at home by their music. For an instance there was time travel to lower desert parties filled with sweaty people and smiling faces. The sounds were so familiar was this in fact that we would just walk in thought with ought bracelets tickets or otherwise. I mean why not.

Needless to say the “walk right in” method didn’t work for us even at a “hippie” fest like Joshua tree. Immediately we are spotted. “Hey hey guys you can’t come in with ought bracelets” a chicks voice echoes. We smile back and leave the same way we came in. I tell David lets go to will call and ask for some bracelets were artist I am sure we can wing it. Artistic endeavors actually get you places. The Skys Falling Krew and I had painted some guitars for the festival a year or two back and on top of that there had been some creative inspiration on my part to create the Global Alchemy forums poetry installation this year. So I knew we had it in the bag. Voila! We show up to will call say our names and the next thing I know I’m taking the trip of a lifetime in a sea of rainbow colored people. The First fifteen minutes in the door there’s hash being handed to me by Mikey Reyes , David buys me a beer and I hear nothing but stimulating sounds of every instrument imaginable. This perpetual cycle continues into the night. As if though every moment is serendipitous, god sent and perfect in every way.

Eduardo Valadez

* all words and photos provided by Eduardo Valadez